“What if my partner thinks it’s okay to say it aloud to him?” A woman wrote on the NUS Hispers Facebook page.

She described her husband’s dominant and disdainful behavior towards himself as “riding a roller coaster with ups and downs,” and added that he “really wants peace.”

Advice such as suggesting counseling is useless because the man’s “belief is so cult, it is impossible to tell him a sense and he really believes he is a good husband / father” The woman added.

Women described men as “decent” when they first met, but then he changed. She orders her, silences her when he’s focused on something while she needs to talk to him, quits her job, lights her gaslight, and she I gave an example of scolding.

“For example, last night I wanted to brush my teeth first before helping my eldest to brush my teeth. By the way, he scolded me and I had already had a very long shower / meal, so I first brushed my eldest son. I said I should help.

Note: I wanted to brush my teeth, so I can take my next son to the room and my helper is free to help my eldest son brush his teeth. Is it 5 minutes at most? “

But she admitted that he was “not a perfect jerk because he takes care of his family in his own” unique “way,” and that he is serving his family well. rice field.

“I feel like I’m on a roller coaster in all the ups and downs, and I really want peace. What should I do? Talk to him or go to counseling Don’t ask me like. He doesn’t think there’s a problem. He thinks everyone else is responsible, “she added.

Netizens told her that the biggest danger signal was that her husband believed it wasn’t his fault.

Some told her to “find another husband” and quit the marriage.

Another said that if a man refuses to receive counseling, a woman can get some help for herself.

Some told her that if she wanted to continue her marriage, she needed to learn to shrug his actions.

However, one warned her that she would never change.


I have no dignity and regret everything.Her husband, whose wife’s family prefers her ex, is seeking advice

Postwoman asks what to do if her husband is a “typical male showvinist” — control her, turn on gas lights, but take care of her and her children.

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