Joyce Orolo, 35, has an interesting resume. After graduating from Lasalle College of Art, he worked as an interior designer, but at his mother’s recommendation, he changed jobs and became a flight attendant. After doing that for a while, she decided to explore her own faith and enrolled in her theology program with the intention of becoming her pastor.

But today, Orollo is still spiritual and promoting sustainability through her company Chokmah (pronounced hok-mah, the Hebrew word for “wisdom”). The company, which she started three years before hers, makes household items out of jesmonite, a unique material that can be cast over and over again. This business combines Ororo’s background in interior design, her experience working with people, and her passion for environmental responsibility.Her customers can buy directly or sign up for her highly popular workshops to learn to make their own creations

Did your home encourage creative pursuits?

Most of my creative influence comes from my father who is an architect. Growing up, I was always by my father’s side while he worked from home. He gave me old drafts and designs and I used them to draw and color. From an early age, he was already exposed to different designs and his style. I grew up playing with model homes and was lucky enough to see what started on paper become a real building.

On days when my father didn’t use a computer for work, he let me use paint software. I could spend hours playing around with colors. Unbeknownst to me, I grew up designing and was inspired to pursue art in high school, attending LaSalle College of the Arts and graduating with a Diploma in Interior Design.

Before starting Chokma, you dabbled in some very different industries. How did this happen?

When I worked in the interior design field, I really enjoyed interacting with people and designing their homes. I felt But her mother encouraged me to pursue a career as an airline stewardess. She wanted to respect her wishes, so I decided to give it a try.

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