Strikes and staff shortages have forced airlines to cancel thousands of flights, creating hours of queues at major airlines. airportBold hope, sizzling in the first summer after the blockade of Covid-19.

Hopper Travel Agency has compiled a list of European airports facing the worst delays and cancellations, using data provided by the official aviation guide. It provides the most up-to-date data source for any public record.

The 10 airports currently ranked worst for delays and cancellations (numbers are averages for the first 10 days of July) are:

Earlier this week, Heathrow Airport ordered dozens of flights to be canceled on Monday, affecting about 10,000 passengers.

Flight 61 was frustrated because the airport in western London believed it could not handle the expected number of passengers.

Hundreds of baggage were not put into the flight due to a baggage system failure at Terminal 3 over the weekend.

A Heathrow spokeswoman said: 61 flights from the schedule.

“We apologize for any impact on our travel plans. We are working closely with airlines to rebook affected passengers on other flights.

“Heathrow Airport is increasing resources and will have the same number of guards this summer as it did before the pandemic, but airspace constraints across Europe and a shortage of airline ground processing staff will keep things running smoothly. It can pose a risk to operations.

“As a result, we take action as needed to ensure that passengers receive the level of service they deserve.”

Affected passengers are not entitled to compensation from the airline as the reason for cancellation is classified as out of their control.

The airline has reduced thousands of flights from its summer schedule to deal with the turmoil across Europe, including British Airways, Lufthansa and easyJet. airport I took it again Steps to limit traffic.

airport Airlines are struggling to hire more workers, from pilots to security and border control staff to baggage handlers, after many have left during the Covid-19 crisis.

Industry executives say that they are often physically demanding and difficult to hire relatively low-paying jobs. airport Often outside the town.Train new employees and get security clearance airport It will also take several months.

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