Former AA patrol John Moylan celebrated his 100th birthday on Tuesday with a letter from President Michael D. Higgins and a special award from the Automobile Association (AA).

Roads and vehicles may look very different 70 years from now, but Moilan, who lives in Darrow, Leish, has a new AA with a special birthday message, “Happy 100th Birthday John Moiran.” I was greeted by the door in a van.

People over the age of 100 were keen to climb the passenger seat to explore new technologies that were far from the old Austin Maestro van used when they retired in 1987.

“I liked salary the most. Before that I worked in the garage, but it wasn’t very financially successful. And I liked being recognized on the road. You People were always salute to the car when they passed by, “Mr. Moilan said.

Moylan said his favorite car was the Ford Prefect. “Very simple and basic, no electronics, everything was in your hands.”

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When asked about his favorite memories of his career, Moilan said: Years of hard grafts have become insignificant as there is so much to incorporate and I was so excited about my birthday. “

Moylan worked at AA from 1952 to 1987.

Kendigan, the operator of the AA Rescue Center, was honored to read a letter from President Higgins and give a € 100 presidential check to anyone over the age of 100.

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