Roy has spent 10 years helping children, adolescents, families and educators with digital literacy. She believes there is an urgent need to educate young people about harmful online content, help them deal with potential harm online, and seek help in the event of a problem.

She extends her expertise to Sunlight AfA, where she coordinates public education workload activities. To date, she has led two webins. One for parents and the other for young people.

“I have a safe space for parents and young people to share their experiences with their peers, have a healthy community they can rely on when they need it, and help others who may need it. I remembered to keep making. ”

According to her, the formation of Sunlight AfA created a platform that could integrate initiatives, synergize and give a big picture.

“It is invaluable to have a community of different expertise and experience to tackle common problems.”

In addition to Sunlight AfA, MCI has announced two codes of conduct proposed to enhance the safety of Singapore’s online, especially for young users. Public consultations have started from July 13th to August 10th.

When officially implemented, the code will enable social media platforms to minimize user exposure to harmful content through content moderation, allowing users to report and prevent further spread of harmful content, and social. Demands that media services be more responsible for user reports.

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