July 15, 2022.



This latest (fourth) episode of Thor, a gorgeous superhero with a magic hammer (Chris Hemsworth), is unfortunately boring. It’s a mishmash of constant, meaningless behavior, ridiculous jokes, and brings many other Marvel heroes, like boring bystanders, who don’t contribute much.

The first Thor dating back to 2011 was a great sci-fi action photo, then directed by Kenneth Branagh. The third, “Mighty Thor: Ragnarok,” has been turned into a great, well-written and exciting action comedy by Taika Waititi, along with the hilarious Jeff Goldblum. It was a fool like “Guardians of the Galaxy”. Again, by Waititi, it seems to market all Marvel characters without a real soul or a compelling scenario.

Please leave it up to 15 years old.

Peter von Kant *** 1/2 (vo French)

French director Francois Ozon’s films have always been an event, and his work is usually shown at top festivals such as Cannes. It held the 2022 Berlin Film Festival. He is known for the elegance of his work, the twisted stories of relationships that are often associated with homosexuality, and the stunning productions of film actors such as “Watering Burnt Stones,” “Pochiche,” and “Franz.” Has been done. .. At the age of 54, he has made more than 20 feature films since 1998 and has made numerous short films 10 years ago. It makes it a movie of almost a year, like Woody Allen.

In this latest film, you’ll witness Kant’s rule of thumb, power play, at the fascinating Hauscro in a luxurious Berlin apartment by film director Peter von Kant. He has his young secretary / butler, Karl (Stephan Klepon), who is terribly abusive. He has a beautiful actress, Muse, who has passed her prime minister, played by his beloved Isabelle Adjani. Then enter the young and arrogant Amir (Kalil Ben Galvia). He quickly collapses and soon moves with him to become his disciple and his beloved lover. The juxtaposition of these relationships and the slow changes in power and desire are roughly adapted by ozone from one of his idol’s works, Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s 1972 film The Bitter Tears of Petraphonekant. Beautifully constructed. However, Ozone has now switched gender, making the hero a different man than all the original female casts. He remained theatrical, but gave a darker humor mixed with pain. And as the tip of the hat, he brought Kant’s mother, Hanna Schygull, Fasbinder’s favorite actress.

Denis Ménochet (revealed by Tarantino’s “Inglourious Basterds” and Ozone’s illustrious “Glass a Dew”) is a powerful yet tragic hero that is fascinating and overwhelming. He completely anthropomorphizes the anxieties, needs and egocentrics associated with ambition and fame. This is a mood and performance tour deforce.

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