After the app crashed, REVOLUT users were attacked and some customers were locked out of their accounts on bank holiday weekends.

Financial technology companies have identified problems with sign-in, currency exchange, and internal transfers.

Revolut told its customers that it was facing a “technical problem” that would crash the app.

Customers went to Twitter and explained why they couldn’t use the money payment app to pay for holidays and utilities.

A user with the app tweeted. “Anyone has a terrible problem with the Revolut app today? I can’t access my account all day long.”

According to FinTech, the country has 1.7 million registered users, plans to depart Ulster Bank and KBC Bank Ireland, and is acquiring new customers.

The company is one of the most popular new start-ups to challenge the traditional banking industry.

Revolut replied to those who were hit by the crash: “Currently, there are issues that affect the functionality of the app, causing the app to crash or display the message” A problem has occurred “. We’re sorry, but we’re currently working on a fix. Thank you for your patience. “

Revolut apologized and said the app is working again for the affected people.

The bank holiday weekend crash affected people not only in Ireland but also in other countries.

A spokesperson for Revolut in Ireland said: This issue was quickly identified and fixed, and the app is now fully functional for affected users. “

The majority of customers said they were unaffected by the outage and claimed that all customers’ money and data were secure.

“We apologize for any inconvenience.”

Thousands of Irish customers use Revolut to send money.

FinTech also recently said it plans to expand its presence in the Irish market by providing full banking services with savings accounts and personal loans.

Other rival financial technology companies offering banking services here include the N26 and the Dutch bank Bunq, which was recently officially launched in Ireland using the Irish IBAN for banking customers.

However, despite the growth of online-only Challenger banks, most customers continue to do their day-to-day banking with traditional retail banks.

A recent consumer survey conducted on behalf of the Treasury found that 97% of people continue their main savings banking business through traditional retail banks.

Meanwhile, customers from both Ulster Bank and KBC Bank Ireland are trying to open new accounts, so AIB recorded the highest number of accounts opened in a week.

In the week leading up to May 29, approximately 11,000 customers signed up for AIB accounts. This includes both current and deposit accounts.

This number has increased by 122% compared to the same week last year, and the number of new accounts opened by this year has increased by 61%.

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