Police released details of the incident Fight broke out at Areia Preta on Monday The man was stabbed with a 13 cm knife.

Judicial Police (PJ) spokesman Chung Kam Leung said the two local victims were a father and son, aged 68 and 33, respectively. The local suspects are a father and daughter, aged 67 and 34, respectively. Another suspect is Ray’s boyfriend, surnamed Lin, a non-resident worker from mainland China who works as a hairdresser.

Chong noted that the couple divorced in 2020, and her ex-wife subsequently reported her ex-husband to the police for domestic violence, blackmail and fraud, but the ex-husband accused her of robbery in 2021. Mr. did not provide any details of the case, except that it was transferred to the Public Prosecutor’s Office (MP).

Chong said early Monday morning, Ray and her boyfriend Lynn went to the victim’s apartment in block 14 of the Hoi Pan Garden estate in Estrada Marginal da Areia Preta to find out about previous conflicts. A total of MOP 600,000 was requested in connection. was her ex-husband, but could only speak to her father. The suspect then verbally abused his father, adding that police officers arrived on the scene to mediate and persuade the two suspects to leave after his father called for help.

Chung said the two suspects were waiting downstairs for her ex-husband to return. Meanwhile, the ex-wife called her father and waited with him. At 1 p.m. on Monday, the trio intercepted the father and son and got into a violent altercation that erupted into assaulting the son, Chong said, with the father unable to stop the attacker and Lin stabbing his son. added. He stabbed him in the left side of his chest with a 13 cm knife, seriously injuring him.

Police arrested the father at the scene and the victim was taken to the Conde de San Januario Hospital Center for emergency treatment, Chong said, as the father left before his daughter and Lin arrived.

According to the fire department, the son had a large hemorrhage in his left chest. He was also bleeding from puncture wounds on his left forearm and left index finger.

Chong said the victim’s father suffered facial injuries and a broken chest, while his son is still in critical condition after yesterday’s surgery.

During questioning, the ex-wife admitted to hitting her ex-husband in the back with a key, and Lin admitted bringing a knife to attack the 33-year-old victim, Chong said, adding that the ex-wife’s father I also went to the police later that day to help with the investigation. Jeong said the ex-wife’s father denied attacking her daughter’s ex-husband but admitted to attacking the victim’s father.

According to the Macau Post Daily, the three were transferred to the public prosecutor’s office yesterday for further questioning and were charged with aggravated assault, and Lin was also charged with possessing an illegal weapon.

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