During the fifth bull run at the Festival of San Fermin in Pamplona, ​​three were beaten and the other three were bruised.

This year has been the first run of gore ringing at the festival so far. Before the end on Thursday, there are three more daily runs.

The Red Cross worker Jose Aldaba told Spanish National Television that one man was killed on the street and the other two were stabbed in the horns of a bull inside the bullring at the end of the run.

When another runner is thrown by a bull, the runner collapses (Alvaro Barrientos / AP)

According to the festival organizers, one of Gore’s runners was Australian and the other two were Spanish. Nothing was in a serious condition.

In the television image, one bull repeatedly threw one runner into a wooden barrier at the end of the ring, stabbed it, and then hit another runner behind his leg.

Hundreds of runners, mostly men, rushed down the cobbled streets of the northern city, desperately running in front of them with six bullfights, and the sight lasted for just over three minutes.

The other three runners were treated for injuries from the fall.

Healthcare workers participate in injured runners (Alvaro Barrientos / AP)

The orchid ends at the bullring in Pamplona, ​​and the bull is killed by a professional bullfighter later in the day.

Tens of thousands of foreign tourists visit the Pamplona Festival, which was introduced to the English-speaking world through Ernest Hemingway’s 1926 novel The Sun Also Rises.

Following the morning blulan adrenaline rush, there will be a day and night party.

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