The revitalization of the Mandarins House, Dom Pedro V Theater and Navy Yard as future performance venues will spearhead the Department of Cultural Affairs’ push to promote local cultural and creative industries next year.

After the Cultural Development Advisory Committee’s third closed meeting this year, Cultural Development Advisory Committee Vice-Chairman and IC Chairman Leong Wai Man said the three venues boasted their own “Macau-style” He said that he was drawing a line with the performance venue of . area.

Leon is Mandarin’s Houseis greatly admired by audiences for its rich cultural heritage and has a large wall area that can provide the necessary flexibility to handle different types of performances.

As for the Dom Pedro V Theater, Leung said it was the first Western-style theater built in China and has always been used as a performance venue.

According to Leong, the agency has issued more than 800 “busker cards” to allow artists to perform at specific venues. However, Leong acknowledges that the current venues for street performers are very limited, and her team will provide flexibility for local and foreign artists to perform here. We promised to work hard to create conditions.

Committee member Yen Wen Phat said non-local artists who come to Macau to perform on the streets are subject to the law on the employment of non-resident workers because they engage in income-generating activities. I pointed out that it is possible.

In response, Leung quoted Elsie Ao Yong Wu, Chairman and Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture of the Advisory Committee for Cultural Development, saying it was not necessarily a legal constraint, saying that Ao Ion added that he believed the issue could be addressed in the future.

Leung also pointed out that the station will continue to promote cooperation between local and overseas film crews to attract production teams to Macau.

Leong said of the 190 filming applications received last year, 70% were from local productions, more than 20% were from mainland China, and only 1-2% were from other regions and countries. pointed out.

Mr. Leung said that he will improve the conditions for crews filming in Macau, including improving workflow and communication mechanisms during filming, speeding up the approval process, and creating more incentives to attract overseas film crews to Macau. He said it would improve gradually.

At yesterday’s meeting, government officials said they would use the historic buildings to enhance the cultural tourism experience of visitors and promote cultural tourism by using the Naval Shipyard and the Lai Chi Bun Shipyard area for commercial activities. I said I can do it.

When asked when the Lai Chi Vung shipyard area will be ready, Leong said the revitalization project has already begun, but the recent Covid-19 outbreak has affected the progress of the work. pointed out that it received Mr Leong added that the current goal is to complete the structural repairs by the end of the year, after which the area’s leisure facilities will be installed.

Leong also pointed out that the partial opening of Taipa’s Iec Long Firework Factory, including the refurbishment and renovation of the entrance, is targeted to be completed by the end of this year, Macau Post Daily reported.

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