BBQ enthusiasts are encouraged to replace burgers and sausages with healthy alternatives to avoid overlapping pounds.

His average barbecue user burns over 3,000 calories each time he sits down. Many ridicule is three times the normal amount when eating indoors.

As thousands of heads of household are set to burn grills to take advantage of the clear sky this week, health watchers have urged them to throw away their calorie-rich favorites and reduce their portion size.

Dr. Aileen McGloin, Director of Safefood Ireland, said:

“They need to have some fun.

“People need to see what they are cooking and how much they are eating. Instead of classics like sausages, steaks and burgers, chicken as a nutritious alternative Look at breast meat, turkey burgers, fish and more.

“There are plenty of healthy options that are as delicious as the favorites most people are accustomed to.

“Vegetables such as eggplants, carrots, peppers and zucchini are very effective. Even banana and pineapple rings are delicious when barbecue.

“Eat a salad, use a light dressing, put half the vegetables and half the meat on a plate, and reduce the size of the potion.”

Dr. McGloin said inflation has made it difficult for many families to choose healthy foods.

“Unfortunately, from a price perspective, the prices of other foods have skyrocketed, while treats have remained unchanged, making them more attractive to shoppers.

“For example, meat increases by 5% and dairy products increase by about 9%.

“Therefore, we are concerned that rising food prices could add one or two more treats to our shopping cart instead of allowing families to choose healthier options,” she said. ..

Currently, families with children spend more than 20% of their households on calorie-containing “snack” foods. This is twice the amount spent on fruits and vegetables.

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