Not all the stars on Sunday’s show were there yesterday morning to strut their stuff on the Crunge training track.

Indeed, only 6 of the 12 who participated in the Steward Cup went against time.

But still, he did not escape the intent and purpose indicated by half a dozen.

The eight-time winner, Lim’s Kosciuszko – always entertaining to the watchmakers at the stands – wasn’t one of them. But there was still a lot to be appetizing.

Especially when a runner like Tiger Lore appears.

The six-time winner, who could share his favor with the top weights in a race over a mile on Sunday, was among his elements, scoring 38.1 seconds at 600 meters.

From the garden of Michael Clements, the gelding owned by Falcon Racing No.7 Stable takes the form of his life.

His fame must have been a great victory over 1,200 meters in last year’s Singapore three-year-old sprint, but a year later his prowess has culminated.

Some people with short memories claim that Tiger Lore is a thorough sprinter.

It’s part of the truth.

Indeed, his last two victories were over 1,200m. But Tiger Lore is more than that.

Indeed, and even at this early part of his career, this 4-year-old kid is getting better on long trips, and it’s becoming clear that Sunday’s miles fit him perfectly.

Tiger Lore is a stalker. A runner who seems to come from behind.

Like the animal with the name he has, he can sometimes die and play behind the pack.

But just as his rivals began to feel relieved, he swooped in.

Yes, in the race you can be 200m or even 100m from your home. But that’s when he goes to the jugular vein, and just like that, it could be “game over”.

Expect him to do the same in the $ 150,000 race.

However, he is not the only “cleaner” in the lineup of 12 horses.

Sure, if he wants, Lim’s Kosciuszko will give them something to track, and tracking packs can also have things like RealEfecto and Amazing Breeze.

Trained by David Kok and Jerome Tan, respectively, they were among the six who went against time.

Oscar Chavez, who had just piloted a golden monkey and lifted a three-year-old sprint on Saturday, rode a Real Efecto and finished his journey in 38.1 seconds.

On paper, the four-time winner is one of the fewest lights in the lineup and looks more “effective” over long distances.

However, two of his four victories are over miles and he makes a solid trial under his belt at the start gate.

That was only a week ago. Under Chavez, RealEfecto gave Lim’s Kosciuszko a run for money.

He finished in 3rd place, but was half the length behind the champion.

How about Amazing Breeze?

He had a “second century man” Wong Chin Chuen on his saddle for training. There was nothing wrong with the 600m gallop he did in 39.8 seconds.

In the last 1,400m race, Amazing Breeze was very “amazing”. His supporters, launched as a $ 21 favorite on May 21, must have moaned the group when he was slowly moving away.

He was still blind when the field was straightened. But he went home like a bullet train to justify the $ 21 tag. He enjoys the additional 200 meters.

Yes, it was a class 4 race. But with a 4-year-old kid, you never know.

In human terms, they seem to be a healthy 20-year-old. If some are just mature and those hormones start on race day, there may be fireworks.

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