Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy have announced the launch of TMRW Sports, a company aiming to use technology as a way to develop young golf enthusiasts.

The company’s name is pronounced “Tomorrow Sports,” and Mike McCurry, former president of NBC Sports, golf and global strategy, will serve as CEO, the three co-founders announced on Tuesday. said in a news release.

“So many athletes, entertainers and people from all walks of life share our passion for the sport, but also our desire to build a better future for the next generation of sports fans. doing.

“Together, we can leverage technology to bring a fresh approach to the sport we love.”

The announcement follows Sunday’s Golf Week report that two of the game’s biggest stars, Woods and McIlroy, will see top golfers compete in a non-green grass stadium environment held in partnership with the PGA Tour. He said he was leading a new venture.

It also marks the beginning of the ongoing battle for the PGA Tour to grow and increase its presence in the face of the Saudi-funded LIV Golf Series, which has lured players away from the US-based circuit for staggering amounts of money. It’s in the middle.


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In addition to Woods, McIlroy and McQuarrie, former NBC Sports Chairman Dick Ebersol, who has served as Executive Producer for major events such as the Olympics and Super Bowl, has been announced as an early investor in TMRW Sports.

Additional partners and investors, as well as early projects for the TMRW sports pipeline, will be announced soon, according to the news release.

“By joining forces with Tiger, Mike and other TMRW Sports partners, we can shape the way media and technology enhance the sports experience,” said four-time major winner and world number four. McIlroy said.

“In a world where technology gives us so many options for how we spend our time, we want to make sport accessible to as many people as possible.”

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