Brussels: China-owned short video-sharing app TikTok has agreed to increase the rights of European Union users, EU regulators said Tuesday, triggered by multiple complaints from consumer groups within the block. Avoided possible sanctions in the case.

The European Consumer Organization (BEUC), in a 2021 complaint, is experiencing rapid growth around the world, especially among teens, and TikTok protects children from hidden advertising and inappropriate content. I said I couldn’t.

The company has since consulted with the European Commission and a national network of consumer protection authorities to resolve concerns and is now agreeing on many changes, EU executives said.

This includes allowing users to report advertisements and offers that could drive or deceive their children into purchasing goods or services.

While branded content is not allowed to promote inappropriate products or services, influencers with more than 10,000 followers will be scrutinized by TikTok for their videos.

Among other efforts, the company will clarify how to get paid from the platform and label paid ads in the video.

“All social media platforms need to play according to the rules and make it easy for consumers to identify commercial content, including when advertised by influencers,” said Commission Judge Didier Lendels. Stated in a statement.

However, the BEUC said TikTok’s offer was inadequate in some areas.

“The impact of such commitments on consumers remains highly uncertain. Despite more than a year of dialogue with TikTok, the investigation is now closed and serious concerns remain unaddressed. “Masu,” BEUC Deputy Director Ursula Pachl said in a statement.

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