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The Secret 18-page document of the Fine Gael shows plans for an attack on the Sinn Féin party.

The Fine Gael has put together a secret document detailing harmful information about Sinn Féin’s TD. This is a comparison of Bobby Story’s funeral during Covid’s pandemic and Donald Trump’s “super-spreader campaign rally.”

The woman tells Gardai that she has escaped from a trafficker who was planning to harvest her organs.

A woman who set foot at Droheda Garda Station last Wednesday told police that she had been trafficked to Ireland for the purpose of forced organ removal.

Senators have warned that the HAP system has “collapsed” because the analysis found only 820 properties to rent in the country.

Only 820 homes in Ireland are suitable for families looking for accommodation and receiving Housing Assistance Payments (HAP). This is despite record levels of state spending on support last year in excess of € 500 million.

The Limerick, Clare, and Louth top Covid tables show that new variants now account for 70% of cases.

Limerick, Claire, Raus, Galway, Leash and Kilkenny jumped to the top of the table with the highest incidence of Covid-19. This is followed by Donegal, Kildare, Wicklow, Tiperary, Dublin, Carlow and Meath.

Politicians said maternity leave needs to begin to remove barriers to women

Politicians have been warned that they need to start taking maternity leave to change the “culture” that prevents women from entering politics.

Irish rich people receive a tax deduction of € 130 million annually on their pensions

Only 15,800 people, each earning more than € 250,000 a year, receive a total of € 130 million annually in tax deductions for pension contributions from Exchequer.

A woman who shared a “horrible” two-bed flat with seven others and the bed bug won in court

A female tenant who shared a two-bedroom apartment in Dublin city center with seven others explained the “terrible” living conditions she endured.

Charlie Byrd is “angry” at not being able to answer hundreds of supportive letters

Charlie Byrd admitted that he felt “guilty” that he couldn’t answer every letter he received on a daily basis.

Watch: A woman arrested after a viral video shows that a customer is being detained

A video has been posted on Facebook showing that the quarrel at Longford’s shopping center has become viral. In a short clip, a woman who is clearly in distress is detained by an older man while a bystander is watching.

Hologram Zelensky at the Dublin Tech Summit

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky appeared in 3D holograms at the Tech Summit in Dublin and called on delegations to donate the money and technology needed to make Ukraine the freest digital nation in the world.

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