€ 55,000 for 10-day rent: Homeowners are trying to monetize with Limerick’s Ryder Cup

Homeowners are trying to make huge profits when the Ryder Cup arrives in Limerick in 2027. Some homeowners are trying to rent real estate for up to € 55,000. The Golf Accommodations website already advertises over 100 Irish properties.

Rebellious Boris Johnson refuses to resign as Brandon Lewis resigns

Last night’s rebellious Boris Johnson rejected a call for resignation from a cabinet colleague after his support for leadership collapsed in Westminster.

India Daily: Bye Bye Boris … Who wants Ireland to be the next British Prime Minister?

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Ministers hope that Exit 10 will lead to a change in tack to the Protocol.

Irish government officials personally look forward to being forced to resign after Johnson faces a wave of resignations among senior ministerial teams over the recent controversy over involving Conservative leaders. I have to.

Zip Code Lottery for Dental Expenses, Some Patients Pay More Than Five Times

A survey of Irish Independents reveals significant fluctuations in the prices of routine dental care across the country. This shows that some patients pay almost five times as much as other patients for routine procedures such as filling.

Fionnán Sheahan: “Leo the Leak” will survive when the road to becoming Irish Prime Minister again is paved, assuming the coalition is alive.

The prosecutor’s office has decided not to prosecute Leo Varadkar after a lengthy Garda investigation into the leakage of confidential documents.

“Emotionally, we feel affirmed and verified” – the family celebrates the right to historic new surrogacy

The family celebrated yesterday outside the Leinster House to celebrate “Historical Day” after a groundbreaking report paved the way for Irish surrogacy.

Sinn Féin wants to reduce childcare costs for everyone, despite attacks on widespread measures

The Sinn Féin party wants to cut childcare costs for all parents by two-thirds by universal means, despite often criticizing untargeted government policies.

Gardai expects a young senator family to be prosecuted for being threatened in an anti-vax “harassment” case

Gardai hopes to accuse anti-vaccine activists who threatened a young family of prominent Fine Gael politicians.

Regional airports report a surge in passenger numbers as travel turmoil continues in “dirty” Dublin

At regional airports such as Knock and Shannon, the number of passengers is increasing due to continued travel turmoil at Dublin Airport.

Home bidders offer over € 1 billion for Daft.ie properties

According to Daft.ie, Irish home bidders have offered over € 1 billion of offers online to their properties since February.

Ireland is increasing funding to help bring war criminals to justice, Taoi Zachi told Zelensky.

Ireland has increased its financial contribution to the International Criminal Court to help bring war criminals to justice, the Prime Minister told a press conference in Kieu.

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