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Rapid increase in construction costs to keep home prices at boom levels

The soaring costs of building materials are set to bring home prices closer to the Celtic Tiger level, despite more properties being eventually built.

Boris Johnson remained in power after 148 Tory lawmakers voted against him in a self-confidence vote.

Boris Johnson’s victory in yesterday’s confidence vote does not mean the end of the prime minister’s problem.

Leo Varadkar slaps Simon Harris in a comment “staring at the navel”

Last month, Higher Education Minister Simon Harris launched a thin veiled attack on Varadkar, saying, “You don’t have to stare at your navel, discuss it, or form a workshop or focus group.” Did.

Simon Coveney’s brother ran a five-star Ritz-Carlton in Moscow, far from Ireland.

Foreign Minister Simon Coveney’s brothers left Russia following the invasion of Ukraine and ran the famous Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Moscow, far from Ireland.

India Daily: That’s what it is: Why do so many of us love Love Island?

India Daily: That’s what it is-why so many of us love Love Island?

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Covid alarm due to high percentage of vacation destinations

According to the latest figures, some of the country’s most popular vacation destinations – Kelly, Waterford, and Wexford – are the counties with the highest Covid-19 infection rates.

Ketchup feels oppressive as climate change jeopardizes global tomato harvests

A solid tomato ketchup on a supper table everywhere could quickly become a much rarer commodity, as climate change could halve the global harvest of fruits this century, according to new research.

Running marathon can age men over 40 by 10 years

Studies suggest that running a marathon can cause men to age as long as 10 years.

No more rush hours as crowded traffic is widespread all day long

The change in traffic patterns after the pandemic means that the series of dashes over the day is a new trend, so there is no longer a traditional rush hour.

Trump may signal the 2024 presidential election “within a few weeks”

Donald Trump’s adviser says the former president is eager to return to election politics as a candidate for the 2024 election and may announce a third presidential election this summer.

The Irish (24) are preparing to go to war for Finland: “Our tanks are more than comparable to their tanks.”

Henry Brown of Dublin has been particularly interested in Russian tanks on the Ukrainian battlefield for the past three months.

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