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Winter airfares will increase by 25%

Passengers will see airfares rise by 25% this winter and flight costs will rise by a third by next summer, the European aviation director warns.

The low attendance rate forced TD to repay the cost of € 1,000.

Social Democratic TD Gary Gannon costs more than € 1,000 after recording the lowest attendance in Doyle last year than any TD, despite Congress having spent most of the year in his constituency. I was forced to repay.

“They are worth remembering” – locals in Tipperary are planning a tragic old couple’s funeral

At the front door, there seemed to be a bouquet of pink flowers left by someone as a sign of respect. The discovery of the bodies of a quiet English couple who had fled unknowingly to the few who knew them shook the community around them.

Ratigan Link where a man who has been shot for the third time in over a year fights for his life

Gary Carrie, 41, was fighting for his life last night after being targeted for a third shooting in just over a year.

Ministerial Rating: Two years after the Cabinet was formed, who is more than welcome and who deserves a reply?

In a remodeling scheduled for later this year, political correspondent Senan Moloney will assess who is swimming and sinking.

20 first passport applications have been waiting for more than a month

One in five first-time passport applicants has been waiting for the application to be processed for more than a month, but only one pc of passport renewal received by mail or online will be issued within the standard time required. It will not be.

India Daily: Pride and Prejudice-History of the Gay Rights Parade

India Daily: Pride and Prejudice – History of the Gay Rights Parade

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From Leo Barracker to Mark Feehily of Westlife, share the story of five Irish people.

Five Irish people share stories and look back on their journey to acceptance and happiness

A nurse convicted of illegal activity after Tristan (6) died “unmanned and unobserved” at a respite center

Angela Neiland, the mother of 6-year-old Tristan Neiland, told the last moment with her son at the Irish Nursing and Midwifery Commission and cried to carry out the investigation.

A wedding bell that rings a bigger chime than ever after two years of Covid-19 silence

From January 1st to April 30th of this year, there were 4,414 marriages in Ireland. This takes precedence over 2019 (the last normal social year before the Covid-19 limit), when 3,901 marriages took place during the same date.

The latest Covid variant is much more infectious, with about 24,000 cases confirmed here last week.

Nearly 24,000 people were known to have been infected with Covid-19 in Ireland last week, but the actual numbers are unknown and could be much higher.

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