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The government resisted wage demands and warned to continue to curb inflation

Treasury Minister Paschal Donohoe needs to curb expectations of tax cuts and significant spending on living expenses in the 2023 budget to avoid further upward pressure on prices, according to the influential policy think tank ESRI. ..

The location of the corpse in the tipperary tragedy may prove important

Garda sources acknowledged that a central element of their investigation was the reason why the bodies of the elderly couple Nicholas (81) and Hillary Smith (79) were found in different rooms in the clone-in bungalows.

India Daily: Dirty Play-Irish politicians get lower as attacks become more personal

India Daily: Dirty Play-Irish politicians get lower as attacks become more personal

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Irish face a surge in Covid at European holiday spots

Spain, Portugal, Italy, France and Greece all report more cases of the virus as BA.4 and BA.5 variants become established.

Free property taxes to hit more delays as energy use solutions are exposed

The vacant house tax will be postponed again as the government is currently considering using household energy usage data to determine the number of vacant houses.

Travelers racially abused by Gardai and treated as “worst and worst” – Report

The traveler was called k **** ers by Gardai and was fired in an attempt to report the crime. A survey of institutional racism against travelers in the Irish criminal justice system was found.

Tyson Fury’s dad admits that he and the son of a heavyweight champion have been “banned” from the United States due to a crackdown on Kinahan.

Tyson Fury’s father, John, has been banned from entering the United States by him and other members of Tyson’s boxing star brother Tommy’s team because Tyson has a relationship with the mob boss Daniel Kinahan. I made it clear.

Nasa is “abuse, sexist, and vulgar,” says the woman at the top.

Former senior female executive at NASA accused the space agency of having a “male-dominated” culture, claiming she was under physical threat, and “ugly prostitutes” and “mother ***. I called it “** g bitch”.

“Middle-aged oppression” hit by rising costs

Part of the society, dubbed the “pressed middle class,” has emerged as being under severe financial pressure from the cost of living crisis.

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