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Airbnb blocking landlords who violate rent laws

This move continues to show that Irish figures have far more accommodation available for short stays on Airbnb than rental agencies. But the company said it wasn’t due to the country’s housing crisis. Click here for the full interview with Amanda Cupples, General Manager of Airbnb in Scandinavia.

The story of the border vote is rushed and unrealistic, and former Minister Charlie Flanagan warns the Sinn Féin party.

Flanagan argued that there was little evidence that Northern Ireland people would vote for United Ireland, and it was questionable whether the majority of the Republic now support this concept.

A motorcyclist killed in a Meath road race died “doing what he likes”

The 22-year-old motorcyclist, who died while competing in a road race, died “doing what he liked,” said his sad brother. We pay tribute to Jack Oliver from CoDerry’s Limavady, who died in the Kells Road Races incident at CoMeath yesterday.

India Daily Unsolved: Robbery!The mystery of the North Bank robbery

India Daily Unsolved: Robbery!The mystery of the North Bank robbery

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€ 1.1 million to install a landline in a prisoner’s cell

The purchase and installation of the equipment has so far cost a total of € 1,131,688 and aims to provide “in-cell phone” to prisoners in Cork, Portraitish, Wheatfield and Dorchas Centers by the end of this year. is.

More than half of young women depressed during a pandemic

According to a new study, more than half of women in their early twenties are depressed due to a pandemic, causing serious disruption to their lives.

Watchdog: Voters should be informed of what data stakeholders have to them

The Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) audited all political parties last year. This investigation was triggered by an independent Irish investigation into Abú, a secret database of the Sinn Féin party. Password-protected websites contained the names, addresses, and recognized voting intents of millions of voters.

Living Crisis: Income Support is unlikely to be provided before budget – Taoiseach Michelál Martin

Measures to help people cope with the surge in living costs will not happen before the October budget, Taoiseach Michelál Martin said.

Unseasonal heat waves burn Spain and Germany as wildfires rage

The worst damage in Spain was in the northwestern state of Zamora, where more than 25,000 hectares were consumed. German officials said residents of three villages near Berlin were ordered to leave their homes yesterday due to a wildfire approaching.

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