Ondřej Pharat won the second half as Tampa Bay Lightning won a 3-2 victory in Denver on Friday, placing the ultimate hope for the Stanley Cup in Colorado on the ice.

Czech star Palato dominated another important playoff goal, winning with just over six minutes remaining and keeping the best seven series alive.

Colorado would have been able to conclude the title in front of their own fans at the Ball Arena in Denver on Friday after Wednesday’s victory in Florida gave them a 3-1 series lead.

But now Tampa Bay has a chance to force Round 7 when the series returns to their home venue for Round 6 on Sunday.

“I thought we played a good game, a great road game. We’re staying on top of it. We just found a way to win,” Palato later said.

“A big victory, and now we’re back in Tampa.”

The winner of Palato was the latest in a series of clutch goals he offered for Bolt.

The 31-year-old also came up with the final winner when he won the New York Rangers in a series in the finals of the Eastern Conference.

“It was a great play, I was lucky to get it in,” Palato said on Friday about his decisive efforts.

“I feel pretty good now. I’m excited to be back in front of the fans. It’s going to be a great game.”

Tampa Bay took the lead in the first period of the fierce battle, and Jan Lutta’s shot from the right side somehow overtook Avs goalkeeper Kaempfer to 1-0.

This was Rutta’s unusual goal, scoring only 12 times in 238 regular season games and only two post-season goals by Friday.

Colorado returned to leveling early in the second period, but Valerinichuskin rebounded as Bolt goalkeeper Andreiva Silevsky was unable to hold the puck after saving Kale McCarr’s shot. I swept.

However, Tampa Bay responded brilliantly to punish Colorado after a series of penalties reduced Avs to just three on the ice.

Tampa Bay patiently moved the puck to open and fell to Nikitakcherov, leading Kaempfer 2-1.

Colorado was increasingly dissatisfied with Tampa Bay’s relentless physicality, but at the beginning of the third phase, they finally broke through the elastic Bolt’s defenses.

Macar’s long range shooting glanced at Tampa Bay’s defense, Erik Černak’s skates. Defeated Vasilevsky 2-2.

But once again, Tampa Bay reminded us of the goal of regaining the initiative. Ondrey Parat caught the feed from Victor Hedman, broke the pack and put Denver’s home cloud in astonishing silence.

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