Defending champion Jon Rahm, masters champion Scottie Scheffler, and four-time major winner Rory McIlroy (the world’s top three players) rounded Saturday to continue the fight at the US Open.

Second-placed Spaniard Ram made three of the last five holes birdies, but at 18, he hit a bunker on his first three shots, with a double bogey overshooting a par 71 and co-leader Wilzara. He stood 3 under 207 by one stroke to Tris. Of Matt Fitzpatrick of the United States and England after spending 54 holes in a country club.

“I’m very happy. I’m not going to lie. I have to consider that I have 18 holes and only one shot back. That’s important,” Ram said.

“I know someone behind me gets hot and posts a score, and I know I have to play well and probably shoot with red numbers. That’s my job.”

McIlroy in 3rd place salvaged 73 to 209 with 3 bogies and a short birdie putt miss in the first 6 holes, 3 drifted but within reach.

“I think this round was held together when I was able to get away from me soon, and it’s like going home,” McIlroy said.

“Sure, I thought I’d be a few shots behind the end of the day, but John had a hard time getting in there. It was such a tough day that I feel like I fought well, but still tomorrow. I think it’s good for me to go back three people. “

The world’s number one chefler is chasing the fifth title and second major of the year, preparing for the mental and physical challenges of Sunday’s final round.

“The US Open is very burdensome both mentally and physically, and I think that’s all that makes this tournament so much fun,” he said.

“Physically, mentally, whatever it is, it will be tested in different ways. I think it’s a kind of fun.

“If all golf tournaments were like this, it would be a long season for all of us. Several times a year, I think it’s a lot of fun.”

Chefler, who is trying to rival Tiger Woods as the only world number one to win the US Open, has become the first person to manage the US Open Masters Double since Jordan Spieth in 2015, and is seventh on the list including Tiger Woods and Arnold. Will be. Palmer, Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus.

-‘I have to do me’-

Ram could be the second non-US player to win the US Open in a row after Scottsman’s Willy Anderson won three times between 1903 and 1905. He can’t worry about his rivals.

“I just have to do me,” Ram said. “I have no control over what the guys in front and behind are doing. I have to focus on myself, play golf on a shot-by-shot basis and try to commit as much as possible to each shot.

“It’s when I start making bogey and double bogey in a row that I’m too absorbed in what others are doing at the US Open.”

McIlroy is aiming for the first major title since 2014. He won the PGA Canadian Open last week and could be the first player to win the US Open last week since 1934.

He found Saturday’s windy conditions causing havoc in his putting.

“I started blowing a little wind on the putt, and the wind was definitely affecting them,” McIlroy said. “I haven’t blown so much wind for a while.

“Then you’re in two hearts. Will this next putt be hit by the wind or not? It was hard.”

It dug hard at the end and put one birdie, one bogey and ten pars in the last 12 holes.

“In a situation like this where Ran might have been able to escape from me, I just dig a little deeper,” McIlroy said.

“Just keep hanging around. It worked well to get below the par of the tournament.”

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