Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson turned to a YouTube video as he tried to snap a slump in the NBA Finals ahead of Wednesday’s third leg against the Boston Celtics.

The 32-year-old five-time All-Star couldn’t produce the best form ever in the series, shooting 10/33 from the field and 4/15 from the deep.

With two wins in the Warriors game on Sunday, Thompson achieved a shooting rate of 21.1%, 19-4. This is the second worst performance in his career in 29 NBA Finals matches.

One of the deadliest shooters in NBA history, Thompson said Tuesday that he wasn’t fascinated by the indifferent start to the finals.

He spent this week watching an old video of his best performance to remind him of his abilities.

“That’s the beauty of play today,” Thompson said. “You can visit YouTube to find out all the great moments.

“When you experience a slump in shooting, the guys in the video bring out a great game where everything seems to match, the body is working very well, and the ball is flowing out of your fingertips.

“There was a very high pressure situation I was in, so it’s probably just YouTube’s Game 6 Clay. I shot the ball well. When you can do it when your back hits the wall, you can do it anywhere given the moment. It just keeps that spirit strong. “

Thompson has been hot and cold throughout the postseason, but has usually performed well in each of the playoff rounds leading to the finals.

In the final of the Western Conference, the Warriors closed the series with five wins over the Dallas Mavericks, earning him eight three-pointers on a 32-point display.

-“Major impact”-

That performance memory is one of the reasons Thompson is relaxed about his form towards Game 3 and is confident he will get better sooner or later.

“I’ve never played multiple three-point games throughout the series, but I stuck to the process and eventually blew the lid off,” Thompson said.

“For me, it’s about keeping the same idea that an archer shoots. I’d rather swing the gun down than shy.”

Thompson is also fine to anticipate his current form, given that he only returned from his two-year absence of injury in January. At this time of last year, he was practicing alone in an empty gym.

“I will be happy to be in this position for the last few years,” Thompson said.

“To get back to this stage, it’s a blessing and a real honor to be here, so don’t forget to keep working.”

The people closest to Thompson are also not interested in his shape depression, and Warriors coach Steve Kerr is convinced he will get out of his slump.

“This isn’t the first time this has happened, so I’m not particularly worried about it,” Kerr said. “Clay has a way to deal with mini slumps and what you call them.”

Stephen Curry, who had the Warriors’ offensive burden in the first two games, said Thompson was likely to find shape at any time.

“History with him shows that there are no predictors,” Curry said on Tuesday.

“He can take it to another level. Regular season, playoffs, he always found a way to move himself, especially in the playoffs, just to make a big impact. Usually it’s really big. It’s a sound.

“It’s all the work you put in, it’s a matter of thinking. He doesn’t need a guiding point about it. That’s why he’s confident he can leave at any time.”

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