The UN Security Council will continue negotiations on Friday to extend approval for the transfer of aid across the Syrian border the day after the scheduled vote was abandoned following the disagreement between Russia and the West. prize.

Moscow wants a six-month extension that could be renewed, but Western countries want a year for transfers that are taking place without Damascus approval.

A vote was set up on Thursday to extend approval of aid provision across the Syrian-Turkish border in Bab Al Hawa. Approval is valid from 2014 and will expire on Sunday.

Norway and Ireland, two non-permanent members of the 15-country council, created a new text on Thursday evening. If not, decide. “

The extension is also subject to a “substantial report” by the Secretary-General, including operational transparency, progress in channeling aid at the forefront, and progress in responding to humanitarian needs.

Uncertainty remained as to whether the proposal was suitable for Russia and whether it would be possible to vote on Friday.

Last year, about 10,000 humanitarian trucks passed through Bab al-Hawa to the rebel-dominated Idlib region of northwestern Syria. This is the only crossroads that can bring assistance to Idlib without navigating areas controlled by Syrian government forces.

Holding a veto on the Security Council and an ally of Damascus, Moscow has reduced many Western aid measures in recent years.

It sees authorization as a violation of Syria’s sovereignty and believes that the provision of assistance to the Northwestern Krai should only go beyond the front lines and come from Damascus.

Russia has already been forced to reduce the number of permitted border crossings in recent months, implying opposition to the extension.

However, the latest proposal, submitted Thursday, is in conflict with the Norwegian and Irish proposals, proposing to extend aid by six months, and the board decides another six months in January. There is likely to be.

Western countries considered the text unacceptable at the beginning of the new year as there was no guarantee of extension.

However, the latest competing texts call for “further initiatives to expand Syria’s humanitarian activities,” including water, sanitation, health, education and shelter.

Over the past few weeks, dozens of NGOs and several UN officials have been lobbying members of the Security Council for permission to provide cross-border assistance for a year.

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