Tom Brice says he tries not to think about the scale of the larger role for fear of “thinking about them,” but that he is “trusted” by some of the major movie franchises. I am honored.

The actor, who will star with Rachel Zegler in the first part of the new Hunger Games: Songbird and Snake’s Ballad, said the film was “a very obvious and important film.”

It came when the movie’s new teaser trailer was released on Sunday by producer Lionsgate.

Zegler plays Lucy Gray Baird in an adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ best-selling novel, and Bryce plays the young Coriolanus Snow.

The story is set many years before an existing movie event where Snow, who became the tyranny of Panem, is still a teenager.

“I have to try not to think of them as huge, otherwise it comes to my mind, but I’m very honored to be trusted in these wonderful roles,” Bryce said. I talked about it on MTV Movie and TV. award.


Rachel Zegler will star in a new The Hunger Games with Tom Brice: The Day Before the Diva and the Snake Ballad (Ian West / PA)

“I grew up to love westerns when I was a kid. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to be an actor, and so is The Hunger Games.

“My family used to love those films, so I’m honored to be part of this prequel world now, and I think it’s a very obvious and important film.

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“I think this is an entertainment movie, but the values ​​in the real world are so clear that I’m excited to reach the audience.”

– The film will debut in cinemas around the world on November 17, 2023.

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