Sir Tony Blair and David Cameron say ‘thick skin’ and ‘a plan, a team and values’ are key to a successful prime ministership.

Two former prime ministers share advice on what it takes to lead their country, along with finalists in the Channel 4 series Make Me Prime Minister.

Lord Tony, who led the Labor government from 1997 to 2007, said:

“It’s a big responsibility, but when you make a decision it divides and you know it’s all about stepping up while others step back. That’s why you need a thick skin.”

Problems, rebellions and scandals from day oneFormer Prime Minister David Cameron

He also said it takes “real belief and real belief in what you’re doing” and “a plan to bring that great vision to life.”

Cameron, who served as Conservative Prime Minister from 2010 to 2016, said: Problems, rebellions, scandals, parliamentary troubles and the daily drama of politics will strike you.

“You need a plan, you need a clear set of values ​​and principles by which things are judged, and most of all, you need a strong team.

“If you have a plan, a team, values, and take the time to make big decisions, you can be a real help to our country.”

Advice from political greats to finalists Kelly Given, Holly Morgan and Natalie Balmain will be featured in the series finale, which airs Tuesday at 9:15 p.m., one of which is Channel 4’s Alternative elected as prime minister.

The six-part series kicked off with a strong line-up of twelve, including viral sensation Jackie Weaver, and was narrowed down as candidates were challenged to prove they had the mettle to lead their country.

The weekly mandate was set and judged by Sir Tony’s former Press Secretary Alastair Campbell and former Conservative Co-Chairman and Member of the House of Lords Baroness Saida Warsi.

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