12 The ABC Murders (1936) The earliest “serial killer” novel, The ABC Murders contains both thrillers and detective stories. From Alice Asher murdered in Andover, to Betty Bernard murdered in Bexhill, to wealthy man Carmichael Clarke murdered in his home in Churston, the killers run their way through their victims in alphabetical order. The crime appears to have no motive, but Hercule Poirot knows better and suspects a definite reason for the murder. In addition to numerous film adaptations, the plot has inspired manga and anime versions, as well as his Xbox and Nintendo games.


Aidan Turner (Philip Lombard) and Maeve Dermody (Vera Claythorne)

11. And Then There Were None (1939)
10 guests who came to a remote island for the weekend. One by one they die as the panic continues. With over 100 million copies sold, it is the sixth best-selling title of all time in any language. of Best-selling mystery book.This conspiracy is based on Lucy Foley’s guest list.

10 Murder in the Parsonage (1930)
Readers first meet Miss Jane Marple in her village of St. Mary Meade, an ostensibly quiet hamlet. But Miss Marple searches beyond the perfect privet hedge to uncover robbery, adultery, and finally solves murder. is, murder in the parsonage It influenced contemporary writers Richard Osman and Janet Hallett and established the genre of “cozy” mystery.

9 Mesopotamian Murders (1936)
This is the research Poirot was working on before returning to England on the Orient Express. Set in an archaeological excavation in Iraq, this mystery is notable for the upheaval in the author’s life. Many of the details in this novel were inspired by a trip to the bargain where Christy met her second husband, Max Mallowan. Agatha’s first husband, Archie Christie, requested a divorce in 1926. After that controversy in December, the then-famous writer Agatha disappeared for 11 days, causing a public frenzy.

8 Closure (2014)
Poirot visited Ireland in his 1940 short story, but the mustachioed detective was unable to solve a murder in Ireland until after the death of its creator. But how is this?Oh crap, dear reader, this entry is going a bit in the wrong direction. closed coffin, because it was written not by Christie, but by “Fire Keeper,” Sophie Hannah. His Poirot interactions with An Garda Síochána alone earn him a spot on the list.


Actor David Suchet will be forever associated with the role of Hercule Poirot, Agatha Christie’s most famous detective

7 Endless Night (1967)

Former chauffeur Michael Rogers gets a rich wife and his dream home, but it doesn’t make for a happy home. Great for fans of domestic and psychological thrillers.

6 Murder Notice (1950)
Christie’s 50th novel and one of Miss Marple’s finest mysteries, the story captures the mood of post-war Britain. When a murder is reported in the local newspaper, Miss Blackrock’s friends flock to her game Parlor, but the stakes turn deadly…

5 A Strange Case at Stiles (1921)
Belgian refugee Hercule Poirot is beginning to settle into a peaceful life in England near Emily Inglethorpe’s home. When she is poisoned with strychnine, Poirot teams up with Captain Hastings to find her friend’s killer, which Christie wrote in 1916 after being encouraged by her sister. It later became her first book and hit the shelves in 1921. Monsieur Poirot is said to have been inspired by the Belgian soldiers she treated as a wartime nurse and pharmacist’s assistant.


Agatha Christie and husband Max Mallowan, March 1946. On the grounds of her home in Devon, South West England.

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4 Five Little Pigs (1942)
When Carla Lemarchand wants to clear her mother’s conviction in this past murder plot, Poirot accepts the case unsolved. In her last letter from prison before her death, Caroline Crail claimed she was not guilty of poisoning her painter husband Ameas. Considered Christie’s best book, the novel tells five different versions of the events from the perspective of each suspect, including a stockbroker, an archaeologist, an amateur chemist, a tutor, and a painting model of the victim. I’m here.


Kenneth Branagh directs and stars as detective Hercule Poirot in the 2017 film version of Murder on the Orient Express.Photo courtesy of 20th Century Fox Film Corporation

3 Murder on the Orient Express (1934)
Perhaps Christie’s most famous work is Murder on the Orient Express Originally published as less catchy Calais Carriage Murder Case in the United States. Christie’s sixteenth book captures the charm of intercontinental sleeper train travel. Poirot (not someone his fellow passengers would want to see, given his proximity to murder) is on his way home from Constantinople to London when the train stops in snowy Yugoslavia. He is said to have been inspired by Lindbergh’s tragic baby kidnapping in New Jersey two years ago.

2 Death on the Nile (1937)

If your to-read list is as high as a lamppost, Ridley Scott’s film adaptation of Christie’s Egyptian Mysteries hit screens earlier this year. A stellar cast including French, Jennifer Sanders and Russell Brand brings Christie’s beloved novel to life. When a stylish young couple’s honeymoon is hit by tragedy, a fancy steamship journey turns into a hunt for a murderer. Despite being criticized for its “lack of local color”, a reproach directed at many of Christie’s works, the story is widely regarded as her one of the author’s best detective stories.

1 Murder of Roger Ackroyd (1926)
The unreliable narrator is a common literary instrument today. Gone Girl Also Eleanor Olyphant is totally fineBut it was Christie who first broke readers’ faith in the novel. It has the hallmarks of the “cozy” mystery genre, with its village setting and locked research as a crime scene. Use the gray cells to find Akroyd’s killer.

Lucy Worsley and Fiona Sherlock are guests at the Murder One Festival in Dublin and online from October 4th.

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