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In case you miss them, the Luxembourg Times has selected the best story of the week for you

In case you miss them, the Luxembourg Times has selected the best story of the week for you

Read the story of the Luxembourg Times of Marion Barter, who left his family in Australia in 1997. It will never be seen again.

Photo courtesy of New South Wales Police

An unclear 82-year-old man who spent a part of his life in Luxembourg left his family 25 years ago and became an unlikely star to investigate an Australian woman who will never be seen again.

In an inquest by a court in New South Wales (NSW) with Marion Barter, who disappeared on June 22, 1997, and a mascot who admitted to being arrested using dozens of aliases, operating in the Great Duchy. Multiple connections were found between. At least three times during his life.

A New South Wales coroner began an inquest in 2020 after a relentless investigation by journalists from one of Australia’s most widely heard podcasts, The Lady Vanishes. Early investigations into more than the whims of Netflix’s 2022 “The Tinder Swindler” film did not yield any results.


A U.S.-based Singaporean photographer who accused a Luxembourg painter of trying to profit from his work is legal to prevent the exhibition, sale, or reproduction of the artwork he claims to have copied. Measures have begun.

Her lawyer, Vincent Vincent, said that Dieschburg’s paintings, which are closely based on Zhang’s photographs and for sale for € 6,500, violate the legal copyright protection of Zhang’s creative works. Wellence said. Luxembourg Times last month. Diesburg’s work was exhibited at the Cultural Center in Strassen as part of the 11th Contemporary Art Biennale, which ended last month with funding from the Ministry of Culture.

As Luxembourg struggles to attract high-income professionals and once faces an attack on two credible sources of lucrative tax revenues, the country needs to find new ways to strengthen its state’s financial resources.

When the EU bans the sale of new gasoline and diesel vehicles takes effect in 2035, the EU’s wealthiest countries will be the magnets in the region for truck drivers and tourists seeking cheap fuel. Will inevitably be lost.

In addition, more than a quarter of corporate tax revenue is threatened by EU crackdowns on holding companies. If a holding company turns out to be just an empty shell with no real business, it could lose profitable tax benefits and cause a spill from Luxembourg to other companies. Low tax jurisdiction.

A lawyer working at ArcelorMittal was fined this week for contempt of court after criticizing a judge who presided over a fatal occupational accident at a Luxembourg-based steel giant.

According to a verdict on Wednesday, Andre Lutgen was ordered to pay a fine of € 1,000, half of the € 2,000 initially imposed by the lower criminal court in December. The court also acquitted him on charges of threat.

The incident revolves around the death of a factory worker who was electrocuted on the company’s Differdange site in May 2019. Judge Filipe Rodriguez ordered the sealing of a failed circuit, the standard procedure in the event of such an accident, to make room for experts to conduct investigations.

On Wednesday, 50 Luxembourg companies and institutions signed a voluntary pledge to focus more on meeting human rights expectations. This is a step that falls short of the legal requirements enforced in other European countries.

Voluntary national plans and European Union efforts have been undertaken to hold businesses accountable for human rights abuses, as Luxembourg did. So far Despite pressure from many advocates, we have chosen to oppose due diligence laws similar to other EU member states.

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