The recently released Trade Union Law Public Consultation Report needed to better separate the opinions of employees and employers. Vong Kok Seng, Vice President of the Macau Chamber of Commerce, told the Chinese newspaper Macao Daily.

The final public consultation on the bill was released this weekend, with consultation reports stating that 24,537 opinions and suggestions were received, of which 55.3 percent were submitted by individuals and 42 percent were by associations and businesses only 2.3. percent.

According to Vong, the report did not separate the opinions of employers and employees to deal with, which could reduce the perception and acceptance of the report in the corporate sector.

Many opinions submitted during public consultation opposed some of the proposed restrictions on the right to strike, the types of trade union associations allowed, and the target employment sector.

Businessmen say that the number of employers who submit their opinions is certainly less than the number of employees, so from a point of view of gathering opinions, if the government simply uses a majority of opinions on the basis of legislation, it is “limited. “Evaluation” that stated that it could be “unfair”.

The Government is also advised to carefully consider the feasibility and feasibility of these opinions so that future trade union regulations adapt to current social conditions and the needs of future sustainable development. rice field.

Mr. Fung then hoped to carefully analyze the opinions gathered and develop a trade union bill that could balance the interests of all parties in order to develop the business and promote economic development. He said he was.

“The factors and goals pursued by employers and employees in their area are different, and sometimes they are the opposite or there is a big difference between them. But looking back on Macau’s history, both The relationship was relatively harmonious. “

Businessmen also emphasized that Macau has a good employer-employee relationship base, which is also the foundation of social and economic development, and all parties are concerned that the law will affect the current relationship. A harmonious employer-employee relationship that I believed did not want to give or even harm.

Public consultation on Trade Union Law was held for 45 days from October 31st to December 14th, 2021.

The proposed union bill includes restrictions on the profession related to the exercise of sovereignty, including civil servants and other occupations related to public services such as health care, transportation, and utilities.

The bill also does not allow unions to call for strikes, but certain labor groups must represent at least 50 percent of the company’s workers before they are allowed for negotiation purposes.

In addition, only one labor group per company is officially recognized, and the agreements signed between the union and their respective employers as a result of the collective bargaining process are to non-members employed by the same company. It will be automatically extended.

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