FINA, the world’s governing body for swimming, has resolved to ban athletes who have experienced male adolescence from racing at women’s events.

In addition, FINA will establish a working group aimed at establishing an open competition category open to athletes “regardless of gender, legal gender, or gender identity.”

The sport’s new gender inclusion policy has been passed by more than 70% of member federations at the extraordinary competition of the World Championships in Budapest.

FINA President Hussain al-Musalam said, “We need to protect the athlete’s right to compete, but we also need to protect the fairness of the event, especially in the women’s division of FINA.”

FINA’s 34-page policy document states that male-to-female transgender athletes are eligible to compete in the female category only if they have not experienced part of male adolescence since Tanner Stage 2. It makes it clear. [which marks the start of physical development]Or before the age of 12, whichever is later. “

The move is that Lia Thomas, who became the first transgender swimmer to win the title of a major national university in the United States in March, will soon be effective and ineligible for the women’s category. Means.

FINA will be announced two weeks after UCI, the governing body of cycling, has resolved to double the time it takes for riders transitioning from men to women to compete.

FINA has also clarified that female-to-male transgender athletes are eligible to compete in the male category, but high diving and water polo sports require a “take risk” form. , It is advisable to seek advice on their physical abilities.

Al-Musallam added: “FINA always welcomes all athletes. Creating an open category means that everyone has the opportunity to compete at the elite level.

“This has never been done before, so FINA needs to take the lead. We want all athletes to be able to come up with ideas in the process.”

In March, more than 300 US and Olympic swimmers signed a letter in support of Thomas, but other athletes and organizations see them as the physical progress of transgender athletes competing in women’s events. I have expressed concern about what I have.


Transgender cyclist Emily Bridges has declared Inerigi …

FINA has confirmed that this policy will come into effect on Monday and said it will immediately begin work towards establishing an event in the newly launched “Open” category.

In the statement, “Athletes who do not meet the criteria applicable to the men’s or women’s category may participate in open events that FINA may develop in the future.

“FINA will begin work to determine the possibility of establishing an open category in the aquatics sports field following the final promulgation of this policy. In this category, athletes who meet the eligibility criteria for the event will be welcomed. Gender, legal gender, or gender identity. “

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