A staff member at Taipa’s Treasure Hotel, who tested positive for Covid-19 on Monday, may have been infected by someone undergoing medical observation at the facility.

This discovery sent waves of dismay throughout the hotel. The government forced travelers trapped there and planning to leave quarantine to extend their stay until Saturday, despite repeatedly testing negative for the coronavirus.

Wong Wenman, Deputy Director of Health Promotion Division, Department of Public Health, said: Yesterday, a 24-year-old male non-resident worker said he was tasked with delivering meals and other items to guests and collecting trash.

Wong pointed out that the Treasure Hotel, located across from the airport, is being used as a special quarantine hotel assigned to Taiwanese and international arrivals. A high percentage is being diagnosed, he added. in Covid-19 infections compared to a month or two ago.

As a result, the Department of Health (SSM) has not ruled out the possibility that a staff member was infected by a guest, she said.

Wong also said hotel staff currently in quarantine work in high-risk positions and are required to undergo nucleic acid testing every other day, saying Covid-19 cases were detected at the Treasure Hotel on Monday. He later added that the government had made it mandatory for Treasure Hotel staff. Working in high-risk positions to take daily tests.

According to SSM guidelines, quarantined hotel staff members work in low-risk positions and must be NATed every seven days.

Wong also said that as of yesterday afternoon, no other staff at Treasure Hotel, which is subject to “closed-loop management,” had been diagnosed with Covid-19 infection.

In related news, Wong also said that some people undergoing hotel quarantine were not tested for Covid-19 while under medical observation because a swab was inserted “deep” into the nasopharynx by a medical worker. He said he told SSM he felt sick when a nasopharyngeal swab was taken because of his condition. nose.

Wong said people under hotel quarantine face a higher risk of contracting Covid-19 compared to the general population, so health workers will collect swabs from people inside hotels. He pointed out that swabs should be collected in a more rigorous manner compared to the case General, Macau Post Daily reported.

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