The Irish flag that flew from the state car of Michael Collins is to go under the hammer.

This is one of a series of historically significant auctions related to the political turmoil of the island in the early 20th century.

Next week’s sale at the Bloomfield Auction in Belfast also includes a set of chairs that Republican leader Collins once gave to one of his sisters as a wedding present.

In recent months, the auction house has sold Collins’ former stick for £ 52,000 (€ 60,000) and IRA Commander’s Hair Lock for £ 18,000.

The auction house also seeks to sell a 110-year-old printed version engraved with the words of the Ulster Covenant.

A printed version 110 years ago when the Ulster Covenant was engraved

Hundreds of thousands of union members signed the Ulster solemn league and convention in 1912 as they promised to resist the home rule of Ireland.

The plate was used to print a copy of the contract during the turbulent constitutional crisis.

Karl Bennett, Managing Director of Bloomfield Auctions, said the sale of engraved plates is timely given the 100th anniversary of Northern Ireland’s formation last year.

“The plates we sell are 110 years old and have the Ulster Covenant engraved on them, which will be a great addition to museum collections or anyone with a keen interest in history.” He said.

“I believe this is the Ulster Covenant printing proof plate, and I think it will be between £ 10,000 and £ 12,000.”

Chair set Michael Collins gave a gift to one of his sisters. Photo: Bloomfield Auctions / PA

Bennett added: “Also, as part of Tuesday’s sale, there is a set of chairs that Collins once gave to one of his sisters as a gift for her wedding.

“A set of six art and craft style chairs was first sold a few years ago by Collins’ grandfather Michael Powell.

“The chairs are very time-honored. They come with a leather backrest and seats along with an oak frame.

“In addition to the chairs, the Irish flag from Collins’ own state car is also on sale. I know there is a lot of interest in these items, and I know the chairs are £ 5,000 to £ 7,000. It is estimated that the flag will go from £ 1,000 to £ 2,000.

“This next sale is particularly interesting in that items from both sides of Irish history are for sale. These items are especially interesting in this important and turbulent era of our history. Ideal for someone’s collection of interest.

“At Bloomfield Auctions, we believe that such items are essential to remembering and cherishing the past.”

The sale will take place on Tuesday, June 14th, both online and at the auction house. For more information, please visit

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