FIFA law stipulates that no government may interfere with a country’s football federation.

FIFA has sent a warning to the Tunisian Football Federation (TFF) indicating that its participation in the World Cup could be threatened if government interference is found within the organization.

In a letter delivered by FIFA Chief Member Association Officer Kenny Jean-Marie, the Council clarified after Tunisian Youth and Sport Minister Kamel Deguiche took action to dissolve the federal office. requested conversion.

A letter from Kenny Jean-Marie urged Deguish of Tunisia to act independently of the TFF and avoid undue influence by third parties.

“Failure to comply with these obligations may result in penalties under FIFA law, including suspension of the relevant association,” said the letter confirmed by FIFA.

FIFA or the TFF have not commented further, but Tunisian sports journalist Souhail Khmira has revealed information about the incident.

“Over the past few months, the sports minister has asked the FTF to postpone domestic leagues and review kick-off dates,” Cumilla told the BBC.

“At one point, he implied that the Ministry of Sport had the power to dissolve the Federal Bureau, in accordance with Tunisian law. The FTF sees it as a threat. is what they are referring to,” added Khmira.

FIFA law declares that all member federations are immune to legal and political interference.

If the football association intends to ban the Tunisian national team, it can be excluded from the next World Cup tournament.

In 20 days, Tunisia will face World Cup defenders France, Denmark and Australia in Qatar’s Group D.

Zimbabwe and Kenya are currently suspended by FIFA for government interference in their sport.

The governing bodies removed two football associations from the league in February, citing “excessive third-party interference”.

During the suspension, neither country will receive any funding from FIFA, and neither country’s football teams will be able to play in any matches.

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