Turkish Airlines is the only airline to win two awards at the ceremony, winning “Europe’s Best Food & Beverage” and “Europe’s Best Seat Comfort” at the APEX 2022 Passenger Choice Awards.

As the first airline review program based on passenger feedback, APEX (Airline Passenger Experience Association) is the 2022 Passenger Selection Award, determined by votes from 1.2 million passengers at an event in Dublin. Announced the result of.

Passengers rated over 1 million flights operated by nearly 600 airlines around the world and voted on categories such as seating comfort, cabin service, food and beverage, entertainment and Wi-Fi.

At the ceremony, Turkish Airlines realized that it was the most award-winning European airline under the names “Europe’s Best Food & Beverage” and “Europe’s Best Seat Comfort”.

Regarding the awards received by Turkish Airlines, Dr. Ahmet Borat, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of Turkish Airlines, said: We see travel as a concept that goes beyond mere means of transportation, and travel as a fun and comfortable experience above the clouds.

We make passengers’ journeys special with in-flight cabin design, seat ergonomic design, in-flight food and beverages, travel kits, in-flight entertainment products, and friendly colleagues. do my best. “

During the ceremony APEX CEO Dr. Joe Leader Said: “As a 2022 APEX world-class airline in Europe, Turkish Airlines’ positive reputation from passengers continued to shine brightly as it received more awards than any other European airline. Congratulations on winning the Passenger Choice Award of the Year.The best food and beverages in Europe ” When “The best seat comfort in Europe”..

Combining Turkish Airlines’ Flying Chef with a great in-flight dining experience will inspire your imagination to fly through the golden age of traveling in Europe. Turkish Airlines’ commitment to providing excellent passenger comfort in all cabins also deserves the highest praise for this airline. “

Turkish Airlines continues to welcome passengers with new concepts and products that make travel more enjoyable within the bounds of flight safety, cost and sustainability.

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