Television license fees are linked to media consumption under the RTÉ funding reforms agreed by the Cabinet.

The Cabinet today outlines a series of proposals aimed at ensuring that all forms of media are “feasible, independent, and able to achieve the goals of public services,” a report by the Future Commission of the Media Commission. Approve the issuance of.

The Commission has made some recommendations on funding RTÉ. This includes the introduction of household expenses, subvention by fixing Exchequer, and reform of the current license fee system.

However, Media Minister Catherine Martin has opposed these proposals and instead has set up a “Technical Working Group” to consider reforming the current television licensing model.

The technical group will consider matters related to making license fee collection more effective.

They also consider ways in which license fees can be “guaranteed in the future to increase income as housing stock grows,” according to a briefing note on government planning.

“The license fee remains, but we need to update the way people actually consume the media and strengthen their collection,” he said.

“All this is done after further investigation of the potential revenue-generating capabilities of the TV licensing system. To handle these complex issues in detail, we need to work with other departments, institutions, and postal services. There is. “

According to the document, work begins as soon as you set the required legislative and administrative changes.

Separately, 2,000 military and civilian personnel will be added to the Defense Forces based on a plan agreed by the Cabinet.

Defense Minister Simon Coveny plans to submit a note to the Cabinet today with the aim of increasing the country’s military spending to € 1.5 billion annually by 2028.

At the heart of the new funding is to increase the number of Defense Force personnel from 9,500 to 11,500.

The proposal is outlined in the Defense Forces report, which will put € 8 billion of taxpayer money on the Irish army over the next six years.

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