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“World’s Biggest Porn Star” Ron Jeremy is an ugly man. In the words of his fellow pornographer Seymour Butts, he looks like this: Or a walrus. He is close to the penguin family. I mean, I think they’re cousins. ”

Good thing Seymour works in porn, not zoology.His observations about the animal kingdom provided the only funny moments Porn Kings: The Rise and Fall of Ron Jeremyotherwise perfectly and appropriately, was harsh.

Mainstream pornstar Jeremy, later known as a kind of contradictory contradiction, was ugly inside and out. Last August in Los Angeles, he was indicted on his 34 counts of rape and sexual assault. His indictment documented 40 years of gruesome crimes.

manufacturer of king of porn As they interviewed Ron’s supporters and his victims, they dutifully tried to balance the scale of the evidence.

Supporters included Moss Cribbin, Ron’s personal assistant. He fiercely defends his old employer, all the while displaying a repressed hysteria of a man who strongly suspects he has wasted his life.

It was the victims who believed that. “I was asked this question: How do you rape a pornstar?” Former pornstar Alana Evans said the same way consent rules apply to everyone else, so do sex workers. I pointed out that it applies. Shouldn’t need to say. But here we are.

mood atlas The game approached the challenge of creating dramatic footage from the sight of a man’s leg sticking out of an MRI machine. Or rather, it didn’t need to because the subject matter was so appealing that it didn’t need the extra.

Mia Malarkey’s short film follows Shane, 36, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2010 as she volunteered for clinical trials at NUIG. Shane stepped her foot inside the ice-white interior of the Human Biology Wing to take her exams and interviews. He was articulate, openly vulnerable, and very respectable. and he is fragile. But aren’t we all? Who teaches us to deal with our emotions, especially men?

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If you happen to be a man with bipolar disorder, you are at a double disadvantage. Just increasing the number of people and raising pairs will not work. Anyway, it never does.

The disorder is “characterized by extreme mood swings.” It pushes you hard from grandeur to despair. difficult to treat. I don’t even have a way to test it yet. This is his one of the things his NUIG researchers are looking for, and Shane is an aspiring lab rat.

Neuroscientists take it for granted that the brain is the self. “This is you,” said Dr. Fiona Martin as he handed Shane an MRI image of his brain. There is something beautiful about it. we are simple creatures. And in our simplicity, we are tremendously complex.

The horses stood blinking, utterly indifferent to the fickleness of human love.

Peter Shaffer’s classic play Equus (1973) tells the story of an adolescent boy who falls in love with a horse. In contrast, country of horses It was about Kildare Pony Club junior riders preparing to compete in the three-day Eventing Championships at Co. Meath.

Nevertheless, there were striking similarities. “I choose my horse over his friends,” said a young jockey. Another young rider said he would choose his horse over his sister. The youth’s hippomania (that is, an excessive love of horses) was platonic in nature, but ardent.

During all this the horse stood blinking, utterly indifferent to the vagaries of human love.

according to country of horsesnarration: “In the Irish imagination, horses have always held a special place.” Replacing “horse” with “pint,” “zigzag,” or “Protestant” works equally well. line. I’m a city boy I like to keep my animals manageable size. But maybe I just haven’t met the right horse.

Documentary on Fergus Sweeney Meitheal: The Search Story He took us to the Barony of Ellis, County Mayo. He, Ireland’s westernmost headland, is one, a place of bleak beauty and a profound sense of community (Maissel means more or less the ethic of a neighbor helping his neighbor).

Ellis’ fame came to light in the months following March 14, 2017. This was a nighttime Coast Guard helicopter, Rescue 116, en route to conducting a life-saving operation, when she crashed near Blackrock Island, six miles (6 miles) from the Blacksod Lighthouse refueling station.

The crew of Captain Dara Fitzpatrick, Captain Mark Duffy, winch operator Paul Ormsby, and winchman Ciaran Smith were killed. All four “given their lives to search and rescue.” As of midnight on the 14th, Paul, Mark and Ciaran remained missing. “The inquiry that followed would be the largest in the history of the Irish nation.” It lasted 42 days.

The community mobilized all resources. They were looking for “our friend, colleague and savior.” But you get the feeling they would have done it for everyone.Meitheal tells a true Happy Her never-ending story, but Sweeney’s point isn’t the pain of loss, it’s the way people feel in a community. It’s about what happens when you believe in action.

When did a documentary make you feel better about humanity as a whole? “In coastal communities, they’re very clan,” said Ellis resident Mary Greaney. . “They back each other up.” Well said, Mary. We should too.

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