Twitter is testing the widely requested edit button. This feature will roll out to paying subscribers in the coming weeks. The social media company confirmed Thursday.

For years, Twitter users have requested the ability to edit Tweets after they are published to fix typos and other errors.

These demands prompted jokes online that Twitter wanted to showcase other products, such as newsletters, before giving users the most requested features.

The days of Covfefe, the infamous Trump typo, will soon be behind us as public demand has been heard and adopted. Users will be able to edit their tweets “several times” within 30 minutes of publication, Twitter said in a blog post.

“Tweet editing is being tested internally by our team. Testing will be extended to Twitter Blue subscribers first in the coming weeks. This is our most requested feature ever. Given that we will keep you updated on our progress, anyone can see if a Tweet has been edited, even if they are not part of the test group.

“Later this month, we will be expanding Tweet editing access to Twitter Blue subscribers. As part of your subscription, you will receive early access to features to help you test them before they hit Twitter. Initially localized to one country, it will expand as we learn and observe how people edit their Tweets, and how the feature will change the way people read, write, and engage with Tweets. We will also be very careful about what impact we have,” the blog post read.

Edited Tweets have an icon and a timestamp that shows when the post was last edited. Users can click the edited Tweet label to view the edit history and previous versions of the post.

Twitter experimented with a version of the edit button. Subscribers to Twitter Blue, the company’s paid subscription product, now have access to the ability to retain tweets for up to one minute, allowing users to review tweets and “undo” them before the post is published. “can do.

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