A 57-year-old Macao resident living in the same building. original carrier I tested positive for Covid-19 yesterday. The building where he lives was put on lockdown on Wednesday, and the man has remained in this controlled area ever since.

He tested negative on Wednesday and Thursday and finally tested positive yesterday. The man and his family were then sent to the Alto de Coloane Public Health Clinical Center.

The risk of community-acquired transmission is relatively low, according to the Coordination Center for COVID-19 Response. The original reopening date for the first Red Code zone he was set for November 1st has now been extended to November 3rd.

Two additional buildings next to the first sealed building are also classified as red code zones as of yesterday. Heng: Rua Um do Bairro da Concórdia 1, Rua do Comandante João Belo 14-22 , Rua Dois do Bairro da Concórdia 2.

Meanwhile, Zhuhai announced that a 20-year-old man who had been in quarantine tested positive for Covid-19. An asymptomatic carrier has been identified as being linked to the first case in Macau.

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