Straits Times journalists Audrey Tan and Rebecca Pazos were honored by the Singapore Press Club to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Friday (June 10th).

31-year-old Tan received the City Developments Limited-Singapore Press Club Sustainability Journalism Award, and 34-year-old Pazos received the Young Digital Journalist Award.

Tan, an assistant news editor and correspondent in science and the environment, was recognized in her tireless coverage of sustainability and led to a reform of Singapore’s environmental impact assessment framework.

The press club said: “Her articles on climate change, biodiversity conservation and carbon markets are consistently tenacious.

“She also adopted a new channel, especially her environmental podcast” Green Pulse “, and a series of climate change cartoons leading up to COP26. “

COP26 was a major global climate change conference hosted by the United Nations at the end of last year.

Tan, who joined the paper in 2013, is honored to receive this award and the climate crisis is not just an environmental issue, it is inextricably linked to all other aspects of life, from health to economy. Said.

“Journalists play an important role in highlighting these links,” she said.

“I am grateful to the editors of The Straits Times for their long-standing encouragement and for believing in the importance of climate change even before this topic became mainstream.”

Mrs. Pazos, ST’s data visualization editor, told a compassionate, human-centered data story, including visualizing changes in the boundaries of Singapore’s members and tracking the outbreak of Covid-19 in the country. It was accepted.

Mrs. Pazos, who has been with ST since 2015, said she was shocked and encouraged by the victory.

“Data journalism can be serious, but it can also be fun, inspiring, and emotional if we can weave human stories into the data,” she said. “It’s visual, visceral, and often unexpected, but it also gives us eccentric and creative room.”

The pair, along with three others, received an award from Josephine Teo, Minister of Information and Communication at the Orchard Hotel.

The first award was launched to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Press Club and aims to recognize journalists and other media professionals for their outstanding skills and influence on their work. ..

Other winners were Today’s Nabilah Awang and The Business Times’ Kelly Ng, who received the Young Journalist Award. 8worldNews’ Chai You Xia won the Young Digital Journalist Award with Mrs. Pazos.

The club also unveiled the Singapore Media Industry Hall of Fame, celebrating 50 individuals from media and media professionals who have contributed throughout their long career in the industry.

Fourteen of them joined after death at the behest of English and native language media outlets. These included Singapore’s first President Yusov Ishak, who founded Utusan Melayu. Wee Kim Wee, the fourth president of The Straits Times, editorial manager and founder of the press club. Former Minister Ottoman Wok, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Utusan Melayu. Former ST Editor-in-Chief TSKhoo was the founding president of the press club. Former CEO of Straits Times Press, Lyn Holloway.

Other post-mortem members are former Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) veterans Ananda Perera, Evenley, Remesh Kumar, S Chandra Mohan, Steven Lee, and Wonley Shioktin. Tamil Muras Founder and Editor G. Salangapany; Former Lianhe Zaobao Editor-in-Chief Roy Tech Fan; Former Tamil Muras Editor-in-Chief VT Alas.

An additional 36 people were introduced as “living pioneers,” including former ST editors Peter Lim and Jung Yip Sen. Former ST editor Leslie Fong, who was president of the press club from 1991 to 2008. ST Editor At Large and Former ST Editor Han Fook Kwang; Former ST Sports Editor Godfrey Robert. Former Sunday Times and magazine editor Tanwanju.

Other honored print media veterans include Manosab Nani, a former Business Times editor, Margaret Thomas, a former BT deputy editor, Conrad Large, a former BT journalist, and PN, a former New Paper editor. It was Zainuru Abidin Rashid, a former Beritaharian editor, Barge. Gunter Sadari, Former Lianhe Zaobao Editor Lim Jim Kuhn, Former Singapore Press Jit Po Editor Frank Wong Yutwa, Former Nanyang Shan Po Managing Director Eun Gim Say , Former Singapore Press Holdings veteran, Chu Ken Jua, Dennis Tay, Saw Chalk Men, and Tham Kai Wor.

Honored broadcast media veterans include former SBC editors, presenters, and section chiefs Ahmad Thani, Brian Richmond, Choo Lian Liang, Francis Chowdhurie, Joan Chee, Lucy Leong, Mun Chor Seng, Tay Joo Thong, and V. It was Kalaiselvan, Zainab Rahim.

Also, public relations veterans Baskaran Nair, Christina Chang, Elaine Lim, Gerry de Silva, Yap Bo Tion, and former spokesman Lee Kuan Yew, James Fu and Yong Yun.・ Mr. Yew was also commended.

The club said it would continue to introduce more veterans each year.

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