A U.S. judge dismissed Amber Heard’s appeal against a new trial in a multi-million dollar defamation case with Johnny Depp on the basis of “inappropriate jury services.”

Any Azkarate, who presided over the high-profile case, dismissed allegations that individual juries were not properly scrutinized and said the court remained bound by the jury’s “competent decision.” rice field.

In a document submitted last week, Aquaman Star’s legal team said that “newly discovered facts and information” about the jury meant that a fraudulent trial should be declared.

The lawyer said that one of the first individuals summoned to the trial had not appeared and was replaced by someone else.


It was after Mr. Depp’s lawyer stated that Mr. Hard’s appeal was “not justified”, which “converges to the frivolous” (Kirsty O’Connor / PA).

They also previously claimed that the decision returned on June 1 in favor of Mr. Depp was not supported by evidence presented during the six-week trial.

But on Wednesday, Judge Azkarate said the jury’s issue was irrelevant and Ms. Hard could not show that she had a prejudice.

“The jury was scrutinized, sat down for all the juries, deliberated and reached a verdict,” she said.

“The only evidence before this court is that this jury and all juries obeyed their oaths, court instructions, and orders.

“This court is bound by the jury’s competent decision.”

It was after Mr. Depp’s lawyer stated that Mr. Haad’s appeal was “not justified,” which “converges to frivolous.”

The actor sued a former partner in a 2018 article in The Washington Post about her experience as a survivor of domestic violence. His lawyer said he mistakenly accused him of being an abuser.

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Mr. Haad is still capable of appealing the Virginia Court of Appeals, and it is understood that the issues filed with the Court of Appeals may differ significantly from the issues dismissed on Wednesday.

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