June 23, 2022

After the death of one of the sailors in the race, the organizers of the Newport Bermuda Race contacted US Sailing and encouraged the appointment of an independent panel to “see what happened and publish the report.” “.

This continues after Marietta’s 42-foot sloop Morgan captain Colin Golder died tragically after outboard in a strong wind about 325 miles from Bermuda.

A spokeswoman said:

“The Bermuda Race Organizing Committee is in contact with Mr. Golder’s family and Marietta’s 42-foot Morgan crew, who have successfully returned to the mainland.

“During this time, we contacted the leaders of US Sailing, the national governing body for sports in the United States, to review what happened, and all sailors lost Mr. Golder. US Sailing eventually became a panel member. Announce the appointment.

“I’m not good at this time of year, but I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to Mr. Golder’s family, friends and crew while waiting for the report from the US Sailing Panel.”

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