Republican Eric Greatens looking for a U.S. Senate in Missouri released a campaign ad on Monday depicting a group of armed men going looking for “RINOS” or “Republicans by name” with him. ..

It urged major social media platforms to flag or remove videos and garnered criticism from the entire political spectrum.

“I’m Eric Greatens of the Navy Seal. I’m going hunting for Reno today,” said the 48-year-old former Missouri Governor with a shotgun at the beginning of the ad.

The team, dressed in Greatens and military equipment, breaks the doors of the house, throws what looks like a stun grenade into it, and plunges into the building.

“Join the MAGA crew,” Greatens tells the camera, referring to the slogan of former Republican President Donald Trump, “Make America Great Again.”

“Get a RINO hunting license. There are no bagging or tagging restrictions and there is no expiration date until you save the country.”

The ad was in Buffalo, NY on May 24, when 19 students and two teachers were killed and 10 racially motivated blacks were killed at Texas Elementary School on May 24. Released in a national debate on gun violence following the slaughter of.


Twitter has flagged ads for violating the rules of social media platforms regarding abuse. Facebook removed it and urged Greitens to post a Facebook message criticizing the removal of the platform and vow to adopt “Big Tech” if elected.

The Gritens campaign did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The Missouri primary is scheduled for August 2. Greatens is one of many Republicans seeking a party nomination for Republican Senator Roy Blunt’s retired seat, including US Congressman Vicky Hartzler and State Attorney General Eric Schmidt.

The ad was also immediately criticized, including by some Republicans who said Greitens was promoting political violence.

“All Rs should be blamed,” Virginia Comstock, a former Republican lawmaker in Virginia, said on Twitter. “This is a very sick and dangerous ad.”

Greatens had previously been pressured by some Republicans to drop out after his ex-wife accused him of abusive behavior. He denied cheating.

He resigned as governor in 2018 after shooting women naked and being accused of threatening to release them if she publicized their relationship, but he denied the allegations.

Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger posted a letter to his wife on Sunday, threatening to kill the entire family, calling Greitens a “very bad man” on Twitter.

Kinzinger, who defeated the party over Trump, breaks into the Capitol on January 6, 2021 by a group of Trump supporters trying to prevent Congress from proving Democratic Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election. I am a member of the US House of Representatives committee investigating.

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