UDC President, CEO, Board Member Ibrahim Jassim Al Othman; CEO of Corinthia Hotel Simon Naudi. General Secretary of the Yacht Club de Monaco Bernard Dullesandri. CEO of Monaco Marina Management Jose Marco Caserini under contract.

Doha: United Development Company (UDC), a major public equity holding company in Qatar and master developer of Pearl Island and Gewan Islands, and a leading hospitality management company operating the Corinthia Yacht Club in Pearl Island and Corinthia. A Corinthia Group Hotel at Gewan Island has signed a strategic collaboration agreement with Monaco Marina Management (M3) and Yacht Club Demonaco to develop yachts in Pearl Island and potentially Qatar.

The deal includes UDC President, CEO and Director Ibrahim Jasim Alosman, Corinthia Hotel CEO Simon Naudi, Yacht Club Demonaco General Secretary Bernard Dullesandri, and CEO Jose Marco Case. Signed by Lini. Of Monaco Marina Management.

Under the agreement, M3 will help UDC and the Corinthia Group promote and develop sailing and yacht experiences and services at the Corinthia Yacht Club, the prestigious label by Yacht Club De, “Label Classe Destination”. Assist in the process of getting. Monaco sets the standard for excellence in terms of superyacht marina facilities, services and safety.

Regarding the agreement, Ibrahim Jasim al-Osman said: To become an international sport. ”

Arosman added: “The beaches and various marine facilities on Pearl Island have become a major attraction for visitors and tourists. We have consistently worked to enhance this, but a breakthrough with Monaco Marina Management. Collaboration prepares the next step in the development of the Corinthia Yacht Club, which sets new standards for the yacht industry and makes it one of the region’s leading marine leisure hubs. This will strengthen Pearl Island’s position as a notable world-class destination, offering outstanding experiences and innovative concepts that will benefit tourism and hospitality. ”

Simon Naudi said: “We are pleased to work with world leaders Yacht Club Demonaco and M3. Our ambition is to turn the Corinthia Yacht Club in Pearl into a famous yacht destination and thrive for the local community. Creating a hub. Working with our partner UDC, to make the club a center of internationally recognized sport and social excellence for members who enjoy competitive informal sailing. We are working on guaranteeing. ”

Bernard d’Alessandri also states: “It’s great news to see the world of yachts expanding into new destinations that share our vision of developing sustainable yachts. This is one of the attractive policies of the Principality of Monaco. It is an ambition to be certified as a “Label Classe Destination” by the department. ”

Jose Marco Caserini further states: “We are very pleased to be able to support the Corinthia Hotel, which wants to open the door to yachts, by providing the expert expertise and know-how in establishing a new facility in Doha.”

The Corinthia Yacht Club is currently under construction in the heart of Porto Arabia Marina and will open prior to the 2022 FIFA World Cup. This iconic project covers an area of ​​2,232 square meters and features state-of-the-art design, stunning views, fine dining, climate-friendly outdoor seating, cigar lounges, several meeting rooms, and plenty of laid-back services. I have.

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