London: Conservative leader Liz Truss downplayed the possibility of a recession in the UK on Sunday, but her would-be finance minister vowed “help will come” over the rising cost of living. Truss, the front-runner to become Britain’s next prime minister after defeating rival Rishi Sunak in polls, promised in an interview that if he took power he would lead “the small business and self-employed revolution.”

“There’s been too much talk of a recession,” Truss told The Sun tabloid on Sunday. “I think it’s inevitable. We can unlock opportunities here in the UK.” did.

“It’s about that level of ambition,” added Truss. In a separate interview with the Mail on Sunday, Commerce Secretary Kwasi Kwarten, who will head the Truss administration’s Treasury Department, said the “deep unease” sweeping the UK was a bit of decades of high inflation. He said he understood that

“But I want to reassure the British public that help is coming,” he added, adding that work is being done toward a “best set of measures” to enable the next prime minister to “move into action immediately.” Either Truss or former Finance Minister Sunak will succeed Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who will step down after the results of the summer games are announced on Sept. 5.

The winner, who will formally take power the next day, faces a daunting task, with the Bank of England predicting a recession and continued price gains later this year. The Truss has pledged immediate tax cuts rather than direct financial aid to help those struggling to pay their burgeoning bills, drawing scathing criticism from Sunak, his allies and others. .

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British Conservative Senator Michael Gove on Saturday accused her of taking a “vacation from reality” with tax cut plans amid a cost-of-living crisis. Gove recommended Rishi Sunak for the top post instead. “Many are deeply concerned that framing leadership debates is so far removed from reality,” Gove said in a Times article.

“The answer to the cost of living crisis is not simply to deny more ‘subsidies’ and cut taxes.” He added that while Truss’ plan “will favor the wealthy,” corporate tax cuts will help “big companies, not small entrepreneurs.” I don’t think it should take precedence over helping the poorest members of society, but it’s never the right priority when you need it.

The 54-year-old previously backed right-wing, lesser-known MP Kemi Badenoch, and said he is now backing Snak in the leadership race before being narrowed down to the final pair. “I know what I need for the job. And Rishi has it,” he added. and Gove, who previously headed the Justice Department, suggested he was unlikely to take on another role. It’s been a privilege of my life to be able to spend time in,” he added. – AFP

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