Kyiv: Ukrainian troops were frustrated after regaining part of the city of Severodonetsk east of Flash Point from Russian troops, local officials said on Monday that the seesaw battle intensified for a strategically important city. Said. Further support from abroad was promised as Russia put the weight of its artillery around Severodonetsk, the largest city in the Lugansk region not under Russian control. Britain, following the United States, said it would send a long-range missile system to Ukraine and oppose the warning that Russian President Vladimir Putin would supply Kyiv with advanced weapons.

Thousands of civilians have been killed and millions have been displaced since Putin ordered Russian troops to be sent to Ukraine on February 24. From other parts of Ukraine, including the capital Kiif. “The fighting is very fierce in Severodonetsk,” regional governor Sergie Guyday told Ukraine’s 1 + 1 television. “Our garrison managed to counterattack and release half of the city, but things got worse for us.”

“There is nothing left to defend,” he said, as the Russian army “destroys everything in a normal scorched earth operation.” Guyday said on Sunday that Kyiv’s troops “cleared half of Severodonetsk and are moving forward” after Ukrainian troops appeared on the verge of being expelled from the city.

“It’s a horror show”

Bombardment is intensifying in Severodonetsk and the neighboring city of Lysychans’k, and pensioner Oleksandr Lysychans’k has enough time to save the cat after a Russian missile is attacked and before the flames swallow his flat. Said there is. “They shoot endlessly here … it’s a horror show,” said 67-year-old AFP. Lysychans’k was one of the areas visited by President Volodymyr Zelensky on Sunday, who said he was “familiar with the operational situation at the forefront of defense.”

In Moscow, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov blew up European nations on Monday for blocking his plane from traveling to Serbia, saying “unthinkable things happened.” “This was a deprivation of the sovereign state of the right to implement foreign policy,” Labrov said online reporter in Moscow after some of Serbian neighbors prevented his plane from passing through their airspace. I told the interview.

Lavrov was scheduled to meet with senior officials in Belgrade, one of Moscow’s few remaining allies in Europe since the start of the military attack in Ukraine. The Serbian daily Vecernje Novosti reported that Bulgaria, Macedonia and Montenegro have denied access to the airspace. Serbia has accused Russia of military action in Ukraine, but has not joined the European Union by imposing sanctions in Moscow, despite its bid to join the block.

Britain pledges missiles

Ukraine is seeking more powerful weapons from its supporters to fend off Russia’s attacks, and its deputy defense minister emphasized on Sunday that this support is needed until Moscow is defeated. The United States last week announced that it would supply Ukraine with an advanced missile system. This is the latest in a long list of weapons sent or promised to pro-Western countries. But Putin said the supply of long-range missiles to Ukraine meant “drawing the right conclusions and using weapons … to attack targets that had never been attacked before.”

Defense Minister Ben Wallace, who revealed Britain’s latest contribution, argued that Ukraine’s western allies must maintain arms delivery so that Ukraine can win. The British Ministry of Defense said London had worked closely with Washington on the gift of a multiple rocket system known as MLRS.

The M270 Launcher, which can attack targets up to 80 kilometers (50 miles) away with a precision guided rocket, “significantly enhances the capabilities of the Ukrainian army,” the ministry added. Western nations are imposing increasingly strict sanctions on Russia, but there are divisions in how they behave, especially whether they engage in dialogue with Russia.

Grain story

According to Kieu, Russian troops now occupy one-fifth of Ukraine’s territory, and Moscow has blocked the Black Sea port, causing fear of a global food crisis. Ukraine and Russia are one of the top wheat exporters in the world. About 30% of the world’s grain exports come from war-torn countries. The United Nations said it is leading fierce negotiations with Russia to allow Ukrainian grain harvests to leave the country. – AFP

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