Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel meets with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kieu last month

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According to people familiar with the plan, President Volodymyr Zelensky will soon announce a cabinet reshuffle and the integration of Ukrainian ministries to eliminate waste and corruption.

This move comes after Ukraine last week launched a blueprint for post-war reconstruction that relies on hundreds of billions of dollars from the world’s largest economy.

People said the new administrative structure would reduce the number of ministries from the current 20 to about 12. The provincial-wide workforce could be cut in half.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be reconsidered to include plans for potential integration into the European Union. It is unclear whether the current Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba will continue that role.

According to people close to us, the Ministry of Digital Transformation will be one of the leaders in that effort. Elements of the remodeling have been reported by local Ukrainian media.

In a nightly video speech to the public on Saturday, Zelensky predicted “important news,” “including news from government officials,” next week.

The president fired several Ukrainian ambassadors on Saturday, including those appointed to Germany, Hungary and India. He said a new candidate is being prepared.

After the reconstruction conference in Lugano, Switzerland last week, Zelensky’s adviser said Ukraine was “very serious” about reforms, according to Agence France-Presse.

Eradication of corruption and the strengthening of the rule of law were one of the key principles set out in the so-called Lugano Declaration.

“We are serious about showing the world that we have a roadmap and plans that are manageable, feasible and can be implemented at some stage,” Alexander Rodnyansky told AFP. rice field.

Transparency International, an anti-corruption oversight body, ranked Ukraine 122nd out of 180 countries in recognition of the 2021 Corruption Perceptions.

The No. 1 spot, which means the least corruption, was shared by Denmark, Finland and New Zealand, with South Sudan at 180th. Russia was ahead of Ukraine in 136th place.

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