“Love Diesel for me, love you,” he said, ending his short video with a short wink. According to US reports, Diesel was a Druque dog.

RT’s official telegram channel also posted an interview with Huynh, stating that the duo were “engaged in combat with Russian troops” near the Kharkiv region, the flash point of Ukraine.

They surrendered to Russian troops after the pair withdrew and hid for hours, Huin said.

The pair was also shot in poor Russian, with separate RT videos directly facing the camera slanted from above, saying “I’m against war.”

Andy Finn, a veteran of the US military.Photo: Decatur Daily via AP

The situation the two men were talking about was not completely clear, and it was not clear who specifically held them.

A U.S. State Department spokesperson confirmed on Saturday that U.S. officials saw photos and videos of two U.S. citizens reportedly “captured by Russian troops in Ukraine.”

“We have finished monitoring the situation and our hearts are directed at their families during this difficult time,” said a spokesman.

100 Days of War: What Happened in Ukraine Since the Russian Invasion?


100 Days of War: What Happened in Ukraine Since the Russian Invasion?

Drueke’s mother, Lois, told CNN on Thursday that her son went to Ukraine after talking to her for about a month.

“I want everyone to know … we don’t want one to go home without the other. They are the best companions there and we are not the only ones there. I want you to remember, “she said.

Finn’s fiancé Joy Black said in the same interview she last heard from him on June 8.

“He loved me so much that he told me it wouldn’t be available for a couple of days … he was trying not to worry about me,” Black said in tears.

“I just want him to come back safely.”

During the White House briefing on Friday, Biden urged US citizens not to go to Ukraine.

“Americans shouldn’t go to Ukraine now. Again, Americans shouldn’t go to Ukraine,” he said.

Russian agents in the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic have sentenced two British men and a Moroccan who were previously captured in the battle to death in Moscow-controlled eastern Ukraine.

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