Kramatorsk, Ukraine: Ukraine said on Monday that its troops had been pushed back from the center of the major industrial city of Severodonetsk. There, President Volodymyr Zelensky described the battle for “literally every meter.” The cities of Severodonetsk and Lysychans’k, separated by rivers, have been targeted for several weeks as the last region in the eastern part of Lugansk that is still under Ukrainian control.

Regional Governor Sergiy Gaidy said on Monday that Russian troops “gathered more and more equipment” to “surround” Severodonetsk, “pushing our troops out of the center and continuing to destroy our city.” rice field. The local Azoth chemical plant, which reportedly evacuated hundreds of civilians, was “heavyly bombarded,” Guyday said. In Lysychans’k, he said the bombardment killed three civilians, including a six-year-old boy.

Severodonetsk was “virtually” blocked after Russian troops blew up the “last” bridge connecting Lysychans’k on Sunday, pro-Russian separatist representative Eduardo Baslin said on Monday. “Ukrainian troops there are there forever. They have two options: surrender or die,” Baslin said. On Sunday, Zelensky said the recent fighting in Severodonetsk was “very fierce,” adding that Russia had deployed an undertrained army and used the young man as “cannon feed.”

Russian artillery in the area gave it a tenfold advantage, Ukrainian commander-in-chief Valerii Zaluzhny said on Sunday. “Every meter of Ukrainian land there is bloody, but not only us, but the occupiers are also bloody.” The occupation of Severodonetsk is in Moscow as another major city. It will be a step towards paving the way to Kramatorsk and conquering the entire Donbas, a predominantly Russian-speaking region that has been partially dominated by Russian separatists since 2014.

“War crimes”

On Monday, Amnesti accused Russia of war crimes in Ukraine and said attacks on the northeastern city of Kharkiv (many using banned cluster munitions) killed hundreds of civilians. “Repeated bombardment of Kharkiv’s residential areas is an indiscriminate attack that killed hundreds of civilians, which in itself constitutes a war crime,” the rights group said of Ukraine’s second-largest city. Said in the report.

Away from the battlefield, members of the World Trade Organization gathered in Geneva on Sunday, and the Russian war on wheat-producing Ukraine threatened global food security. WTO spokesman Dan Purzin told journalists several representatives, including a standing ovation envoy, blamed the Russian war for heightened tensions during a private session.

Just before Russia’s Minister of Economic Development Maxim Reshetnikov spoke, a spokesman said about three dozen representatives “goed out.” Farms near the city of Mykolaiv in the south are delayed in harvesting due to the need to undo the damage caused by Russian troops that passed through the area in March.

“The planting was really slow because we had to clean everything up in advance,” including the bomb, 42-year-old Nadiia Ivanova told AFP. The farm’s warehouse currently holds 2,000 tons of grain from last season, but no takers. The railroad was partially destroyed by Russian troops, but sailing ships could sink.

“after that”

The war urged Finland and Sweden to give up decades of non-aligned military alliances and seek to join the NATO alliance. However, Turkey has blocked their bids, and NATO Prime Minister Jason Stoltenberg said on Sunday that the issue may not be resolved in time for the Alliance Summit later this month.

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov spoke with AFP from 2000 to 2004, after Russian leaders summoned the country’s top brass for a drama conference three days before the invasion on February 24. President Vladimirputin said he thought he was “out of it.” ..

“I knew another Putin,” said Kasyanov, 64, who served under Putin but became one of the Kremlin’s loudest critics. Kasyanov predicted that the war could last up to two years and said it was essential for Ukraine to win. “If Ukraine collapses, the Baltic states will come next,” he said.

Chortkiv strike

The United States and Europe have punished Moscow with unprecedented sanctions and sent weapons and cash to help Ukraine slow Russia’s progress. ..

The Russian Ministry of Defense said the strike destroyed “anti-tank missile systems, portable air defense systems, and a large reservoir of shells provided to the Kieu administration by the United States and European countries.” Twenty-two people were injured in a strike, a rare Russian attack in the relatively calm western part of Ukraine, said regional governor Volodymyr Trush.

Concerns over Ukraine’s largest nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia were eased on Sunday. Captured by Russian troops a few months ago, but still run by Ukrainians, the station stopped sending important safeguards data two weeks ago. However, plant officials working with the International Atomic Energy Agency have succeeded in restoring power transmission, the IAEA said. Rafael Grossi, the Secretary of the United Nations agency, said he would like to send inspectors to the factory “as soon as possible”. – AFP

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