Sheikh Khalid bin Tani bin Abdullah al Tani, Chairman of the Audit & Supervisory Board of Umnia Bank, Chairman of QIIB and others at the annual meeting in Casablanca.

Doha: The Umnia Bank held its Annual Meeting (AGA) in Casablanca, Morocco, chaired by Sheikh Dr. Khalid bin Thani bin Abdullah Al Thani. During that time, shareholders reviewed and discussed the bank’s plans, strategies, and financial outcomes. Prophase. Shareholders have also appointed members of the Bank’s Board of Corporate Auditors for the next three years.

Sheikh Dr. Khalid has been appointed Chairman of the Board of Corporate Auditors of the Bank and Lotfi Sekkat has been appointed Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Other members of the board include Ali Bin Abdul Latif al Misnad, Dr. Abdul Basit Ahmad al Shybay, Eunice al Zveil (on behalf of CIH Bank-Creddy Immobilier et. Otellier), Khaled Al Hattab, CDG) (Deposit and Management Fund), Mustafa Al Haboubi, Khaled Benala, Mona Hammoud, and Jamal Lamradi as independent members.

To shareholders during the meeting, Dr. Sheikh said: “Umnia Bank has achieved considerable success in the Moroccan market and has made great strides in the last few years. Our collective efforts to achieve sustainable results and achieve our goals. We hope to continue to gain momentum in all areas of our business. ”

He added: “Umnia Bank has successfully opened 47 branches throughout the Moroccan market over the past few years. With this expansion, we continue to have a national presence and set the highest internationally recognized banking standards. We provide excellent customer service backed by quality and innovative proposals that meet the needs of the local economy and market.

Sheikh Dr. Khalid also said that Umnia Bank is working to support Morocco’s business sector and through a strengthened strategic plan targeting opportunities to bring profitable growth and added value to banks and their customers. Emphasized that we will continue our efforts to expand. ..

“Our focus as a participatory bank is to remain true to our commitment to support the growth of the Moroccan economy by facilitating lending to products and businesses with productive and sustainable objectives. Customer interest in Umnia Bank’s services and products shows that the Moroccan market is a privileged environment for participating banks. Indeed, the market is for business growth and expansion in the participatory banking sector. It provides valuable opportunities and incentives. Based on these opportunities and factors, Umnia Bank is achieving its strategic goals and strengthening future growth over the next few years, “he added.

Sheikh Dr. Khalid would like to thank the management of Umnia Bank for their efforts in developing and implementing the business processes approved by the Board of Corporate Auditors.

He urged all employees to optimize bank efficiency and step up efforts to improve the bank’s position throughout the Moroccan market.
He also thanked and thanked the supervisors and regulators of the Kingdom of Morocco for their valuable vision, especially for supporting and supporting the Umnia Bank, and for attracting foreign investment and promoting a healthy competitive environment in the Moroccan economy. did.

Following the Umnia Bank General Assembly and the appointment of the Board of Corporate Auditors for the next three years, the Board of Directors held a meeting to approve the Bank’s first quarter financial results for the period ending March 31, 2022.

The Board also approved the establishment of new Board Committees: Investment and Strategy Committees, Nomination and Compensation Committees, and Audit and Risk Committees. Please note that Umnia Bank is the result of a partnership between QIIB, CIH Bank, and CDG. QIIB owns 40% of Umnia Bank’s capital.

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