A group to protect Macau’s heritage said today that UNESCO has admitted that it has filed a complaint with Beijing about the height of the building near the Gear Lighthouse, a monument to Portugal’s influence.

“UNESCO [United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization] The World Heritage Center, as the Secretariat of the World Heritage Committee, will draw the attention of the Chinese government, “UNESCO responded in a letter released today by the Group for the Protection of the Gear Lighthouse.

“We are very grateful that UNESCO is working hard to limit the height of the buildings around the Gear Lighthouse,” the association replied.

In a letter sent to the UN agency last Thursday, the group protecting the Gear Lighthouse stated that the height of the unfinished building in Karsadado Gaio should be “reduced to 52.5 meters” instead of the current 82.32 meters. rice field. SAR in China and Macau [Special Administrative Region of Macau] Government to the international community and citizens.

This letter was written after Macau authorities announced a change to the Karsadadogao building earlier in the month. “Owners have introduced changes to the design of the building that may visually contribute to the effect of transparency (…) and volume reduction, and therefore (…) meet UNESCO requirements.

Meanwhile, the Gear Lighthouse Conservation Group has urged UNESCO to conduct a “detailed urban design and conservation plan investigation” by Dr. Rodrigo Rodriguez “without delay” from the Government of Macau.

“The slow or ineffective UNESCO follow-up has already seriously damaged the visual integrity and primary line of sight of the Gear Lighthouse. The huge, tall new building at Dr. Avenida Rodrigo Rodriguez It effectively blocked the visual connection between the Gear Lighthouse and Macau’s other historic landmark, the Arcodo Oriente, “he emphasized.

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